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Wednesday 9 June  

Dear Parents and Carers

 I hope that you had a lovely half term – everyone is looking extremely well and our smiles are plentiful.

 Please read on below for some important information:


Some of those smiles may be due to this being a short week for pupils. We have our last 2 INSET days on Thursday and Friday of this week. School is closed to ALL pupils on these two days.  In a ‘normal’ year, we would be hotfooting it up to the Royal Cornwall Show at the Showground, but we are sadly not able to have that pleasure this year. We have kept the INSET days though and will be looking to use two for the Show next year too (these dates do NOT fall in our Half Term, sadly).    



You will note too that the end of this week sees the G7 Summit coming to Carbis Bay.  We are talking about the G7 and what it is and why it meets in Assembly today, so do feel free to ask any questions to your children later.  It affects quite a bit of Cornwall too, and they would like for us all to be vigilant, so please see the message below from the Devon and Cornwall Police:


A message from Devon and Cornwall Police regarding the G7 Summit that is taking place over this weekend:

Over the coming days as we near the G7 Summit event, residents and communities in Cornwall may see visible training taking place on land, in the air and on the water; particularly near the key venues. This forms part of our planning and preparations to deliver a safe and secure event and is not something that the public should be alarmed by. The public can help us keep the event safe by being vigilant for anyone or anything that looks out of place or suspicious and by reporting it to police, security, or staff at any of the venues.  


In an emergency or if you need urgent police assistance, you should always dial 999. You can report suspicious activity by contacting the police in confidence via the Anti-Terrorist Hotline 0800 789321.


PE Days

This term sees some slight changes in PE days for 3 year groups (Year 1, 3, and 6).  Please see below for the most updated PE days that will start next week (from Monday 14 June):


Y1- Friday

Y2- Monday and Wednesday

Y3- Tuesday and Wednesday

Y4-Tuesday and Thursday

Y5-Tuesday and Friday

Y6-Thursday and Friday


Reception are now doing Wild Tribe every Friday morning. This means that they will be coming into school in their Wild Tribe clothing on a Friday. PE Kits should be in school every day as changing is one of our Reception goals.  


PE Kit (and school shoes)

Please remember to provide the correct PE Kit for PE days in school.  Acceptable PE Kit is below:

  • Plain white t-shirt/plain white polo shirt or WPA branded burgundy t-shirt.
  • Black (or dark plain) shorts/skort/leggings or tracksuit bottoms
  • White socks (indoor sports)
  • Black or very dark jnumper/School Jumper (no hooded or casual tops)
  • Waterproof coat (for colder weather)
  • A pair of plimsoles or sports trainers

School shoes need to be flat, black and suitable for school. NO High Top Trainers and no coloured shoes please.


Thank you for all of your support – it is very much appreciated.


Kindest regards


Ms Whitlock 


Friday 28 May  

Dear Parents and Carers, 
Phew! It feels as though this week has run at about 100 miles per hour- but what a journey we have been on!
Highlights of the week have been:   
The Year 5 and 6 Girls’ football team WINNING THE COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIPS!!! Yes! I know!  Huge Congratulations to all of the players. More below…   
Year 6 House Captains and plucky volunteers stepping up to stand in goal today and then get soaked to raise monies for the Year 6 Prom
The Year 6 water fight. It was epic
The Year 4 WOW day – what a wonderful, wonderful Day. The very best comment that I heard was ‘This was the best day EVER! Even better than Christmas’
Year 3 having a day of Outdoor Learning – they LOVED it 
School photographs went really well on Wednesday too – they were mostly class photos rather than individual, but all of the pupils were fantastic and made the process extremely smooth – thank you so much for your help with this. 
After school on Wednesday, Mr Langton took the years 5 and 6 Girls’ Football Team to Truro for the County Final. Frankly, they smashed it! All 7 of them appeared in assembly on Thursday morning, where they were able to talk through the game. We were delighted to hear that the opposition did not have even one shot on goal and that our 3 goals were scored by Zahra, ably assisted by the rest of the team. We are very, very proud of them.    
In assembly on Thursday we thought about how lucky we were to be ourselves and how we need to make sure that we are being kind to ourselves. We read a story called ‘Frog is Frog’, which is about a Frog who was very happy just as he was until he saw some other animals doing things that he could not do. He decided that he wanted to do what they were doing, and when he couldn’t do them he got really sad. The story then went on to those other animals explaining to Frog that whilst he couldn’t fly, make cakes or read, what he COULD do made him very special indeed. All of us have got things that we are not so good at (shooting towards a goal, for instance, in my case), but we must always remember that we are special and that what makes us special is what we CAN do, not what we cannot. 
You will hopefully have seen Mr Massey’s letter today, where he mentions the possibility of expanding our bubbles.   We have made the decision to only slightly expand our bubbles to the following: 
Bubble 1: Reception and Nursery: they will most likely not mix as they do not need to, but if some of Big Nursery go into the Hall for their lunch, it will at the same time as Reception (though on separate tables).
Bubble 2: Years 1 and 2: these pupils will only mix in the playground at break and lunchtimes. They will continue to use their own cloakrooms. They will both be eating their lunches in the Hall at the same time, but they will not mix tables. 
Bubble 3: Years 3 and 4: The classrooms and cloakrooms will continue to be Year Group Bubbles only and the year groups will only be mixing at Breaktimes and for lunchtime play.  Year Groups will continue to eat their lunches in their own classrooms.
Bubble 4: Years 5 and 6: The classrooms and cloakrooms will continue to be Year Group Bubbles only and the year groups will only be mixing at Breaktimes and for lunchtime play. Year Groups will continue to eat their lunches in their own classrooms.
We are cautious, but excited!  We will continue our rigorous handwashing and hygiene practices; we will continue to have a deep clean on a Friday afternoon after school and we will continue to stagger our pick ups and drop offs to help with congestion and number of people on site and to minimise possible contact. 
All pick up and drop off times stay the same when we come back after Half Term; please remember that there is no parking in school and that the road leading into the school needs to be kept clear at all times. Thank you! 
We did it! Thank you for a wonderful Half Term – and a MASSIVE thank you to all who contributed to the Ready Steady Read event. We have so far raised over £4500 worth of books – this is outstanding and we are so very delighted.  
Thank you for all of your support, have a fantastic Half Term break; stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday 7 June.
PS Please remember that it is a short week and we have INSET Days on Thursday 10th and Friday 11th June.  
Kindest regards
Ms Whitlock


21 May 2021 

Dear Parents and Carers, 
It has been a fantastic (and very blowy towards the end of the week) week! 
I cannot tell you how excited we are with our total for the Ready Steady, Read and Ready, Steady, Listen Sponsorship Event; at the time of writing, the total was OVER £2500! This equates to over £4000 worth of books if we add in the Usborne 60% on top of what we have raised promise. This is AMAZING and we are SO grateful for all of your sponsorship efforts and donations. THANK YOU.  Our book cases will be overflowing and we are so very grateful.  
We are also really excited for Girl’s football team – please see this message from Mr Langton, who runs our (unbeaten and hugely successful) Girls’ KS2 Team:
Our girls' football team have been achieving great things over the half term and have progressed all the way to the final of the County Cup. The final will be played next week (the week of 24 May). Whilst it was not such a long process this year, in the first round they managed to break down a resilient Camelford team to win 3-0. In the quarter final, a penalty save from Mia helped complete a 2-1 victory over Mount Hawke. Finally, this Monday just gone, the team won their semi-final 5-1 against Parc Eglos. We have seen some amazing skills, fantastic effort and great sportsmanship throughout the run from the whole team and we are very proud of them all. The players are Mia, Teagan, Abigail, Eva, Connie, Rosie, Sophia and Zahra.
Well done Girls! 

You will remember that the Singing Mermaid wrote a letter to Year 1 last week asking for their help. She was asking them to let her know what the best material was to repair her broken scale. After a week of experiments, Year 1 concluded that Science showed that plastic was the very best material to replace scales with, but that they did not want plastic in the sea as it can hurt the wildlife, so they were wrote back to her saying that plastic would be the best material but she had to be very careful with it and make sure that it was very, very secure.
The Year 3 chicks are getting very grown up and are thriving! They are now almost big enough to go to their forever homes and will do so next week. Year 3 have loved having them again this week though. They particularly enjoyed naming them: Franklyn and Cookie (great choice chick names, I thought…). 

Next week is our last week before Half Term and there is lots going on – please remember to check the calendar for dates. Both Year 3 and Year 4 have WOW days next week and on Friday, Year 6 would love for you to bring in 50p to go onto the field and try and shoot a football past the Year 6 House Captains (and maybe some teachers….). It is all to raise money for their end of Primary School Prom and I can’t wait for my first attempt on goal (I wouldn’t be too worried if I was a House Captain or another teacher though; I am a shocking shot). 

One date to remember though please is WEDNESDAY 26 MAY – it is our CLASS SCHOOL PHOTO DAY. Please can all pupils come to school in school uniform (summer uniform fine as well as Winter Uniform). NO PE kits on that day please. 
Have a fantastic weekend, stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday morning. 
Kindest regards

Ms Whitlock  

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Friday 14 May  

Dear Parents and Carers, 
It has been another fun-filled and action-packed week here at WPA. 

Today was the last day of our Ready, Steady, Read! event. This was a fantastic opportunity to raise the profile of reading, promote a love for reading and raise money for new books for the school. We have seen some amazing sponsorship forms (thank you) and are very excited to see just how many books we can buy from our total (which is already over £700!) To make sure that we can buy as many books as possible, please make sure that sponsorship payments are made using PayPal by Friday 21st May. A huge thank you to all of the families and local businesses who have contributed to this amazing achievement. 

This week, Year 5 had a visit from Arena. As part of the ‘Healthy Movers’ campaign, the children learnt, through a fun and interactive way, what constitutes a healthy diet. They had a fabulous time and were reminded of positive, healthy choices. This seems like the ideal time too to remind you that our breaktime snack policy is for children to have fresh fruit and vegetables only. 
Year 6 girls had an exciting (virtual) visitor this week from Olympic athlete Annie Vernon. What an inspirational speaker to encourage girls to be sporting leaders!
Year 1 received a letter from the Singing Mermaid this week too. The poor thing has injured her tail and needs our assistance. She has set our little scientists the task of finding a perfect material for a replacement scale. Let the investigations begin…. I’ll let you know how we get on next week… 
Year 3 may well have had the most exciting day this week though: the 21-day countdown came to a thrilling climax yesterday when two baby chicks hatched before Year 3’s very own eyes. How wonderful to have first hand experience of the miracle of life. Our two babies are doing well and will enjoy another week in the Year 3 classrooms before being re-homed. 
We also premiered a new certificate this week (it was more exciting that it sounds, I promise). In this morning’s Shining Stars Assembly, three pupils from across the school received the new Eco-Star Certificate and one of our TAs received one too (whoop)! This new certificate can be awarded to any member of our school community, and is to highlight those who have been making a special effort to make our school a greener place. I’m hoping that someone will nominate me one week as I go on about recycling, turning the lights off, not using too much paper, litter picking and never dropping litter all the time.  

Last but definitely not least: next week is Walk to School Week. We are undertaking the 5 Day Challenge! We would like pupils to walk, ride or scoot to school for five days running. Don’t worry if you do not live within walking distance to the school as you can drive part of the way, walk the rest and still qualify for a tick on the chart! Those who succeed in the 5-day challenge will receive a certificate at the end of the week. 

Have a fantastic weekend and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday morning. 

Kindest regards

Ms Whitlock  


Friday 7 May  

What a wonderful (4 day) week! I have seen SO much good work going on and I have been delighted with the efforts made by SO many pupils. Today’s Shining Stars were given for those who excel in their home learning and it was really pleasing to see just how tricky it was for teachers to choose their Shining Star winners! Looking at some of the work going on in school too, I can see lots of pupils really working hard on their writing – both the quality and the length. Handwriting and presentation are a real focus for us as a school and whilst we are seeing some wonderful work, we are going to keep on working on it, so please do feel free to practice at home…

I also saw some wonderful Cornish Language in our Year 2 classes when I was visiting this week – not only did they have some actual Cornish phrases written up they also had some useful phrases such as ‘dreckly’, meaning, ‘I’m on it’ And ‘ansum’ meaning ‘lovely’!

Sun cream and Sunhats: As the weather starts to warm up, please can you ensure that your child is sent into school with a named hat and a named bottle of sun cream. Please apply sun cream to your child before school. We can then support pupils to top this up throughout the day, as and when needed. Please also continue to ensure that your child brings a named water bottle to school each day. Thank you. 

Keep going on the PE kits. They are looking better – thank you very much - but we are still not quite there yet. PE kit consists of:
White T Shirt or Wadebridge PE Top
Dark shorts, PE Skirt, dark leggings or tracksuit bottoms
Wadebridge PE Jumper, School Jumper or PLAIN, dark Jumper
White Sports Socks/Trainers.  

Last but not least today – We are REALLY excited that Ready Steady Read starts today.  This is a fantastic opportunity to raise the profile of reading, promote a love for reading and to raise some much needed book money for our school. It is also a competition – the winning class will get the most books! 
Earlier this week, every child in school was given a reading (or listening if you are in Nursery) log and a sponsorship form. Please could you ask your child to keep this form in their book/school bag throughout the week so that it can be updated at home AND at school. Every day next week, please make sure that your child fills in the minutes they have read or listened for. The minutes and the greatest amount raised will be totalled at the end of the week. After the sponsored read, please send all the sponsorship money that your child has raised to the PayPal Pool link below by Friday 21st May. 

We can’t wait to see those reading and listening minutes coming in!  Please also feel free to sponsor them and encourage others to sponsor them too – it is for a wonderful cause.

Enjoy the reading and have a wonderful weekend. We look forward to seeing you on Monday.  

Kindest regards

Ms Whitlock


Friday 30th April 

First things first: This weekend is a Bank Holiday weekend so please remember that SCHOOL IS CLOSED ON MONDAY 3 MAY.  We are already excited about seeing you all on Tuesday (4 May) at the normal time though.

This week has been just as busy as the last! I must tell you all about the most wonderful WOW days that Years 1 and 3 had last week. Whilst every pupil in school started a new topic, pupils in Years 1 and 3 thoroughly immersed themselves in their new topics by dressing up and frankly making the most of the sunny weather (which was handy as the topics are very outdoor based).  In the last two weeks I have seen mermaids, countless artworks, clay animals, pointillism, reports written on what Cornwall has to offer, letters written to Harry Potter, creative writing about Nancy Wake, poly printing and minibeasts. This blog does not do all of this justice though, please do make sure that you visit the class pages on our website to see and read more about what we are doing. It is well worth it!  
This week in assembly, we thought about the environment, both inside of school out, and I was really impressed by the understanding and the concern that our young people have for what is needed to keep it looking and feeling nice. We are now in the process of each class writing their pledges on how we can be sure to take care of what we have. The school councillors are leading on this and I will report back when I can! 

Thank you to all for remembering our Friday normal time finish and thank you for your calm and collected picking up so far this term. Clubs have started well and it is lovely to hear about all of the things going on.  Do please remember that we have drop off lanes for dropping off, not parking, and please do not park on the road leading into school. It causes huge build ups of traffic, which are completely preventable.  

PE kits are looking better – thank you very much - but we are not quite there yet. PE kit consists of:
White T Shirt or Wadebridge PE Top
Dark shorts, PE Skirt, dark leggings or tracksuit bottoms
Wadebridge PE Jumper, School Jumper or PLAIN DARK Jumper
White Sports Socks/Trainers.  

Next week is a short week, but it will involve a great deal of learning. A letter was emailed today about our Ready, Steady, Read Challenge, which we are really excited about, so watch this space (and feel free to practise your reading over this weekend to warm up). 

I hope that you enjoy the long weekend; enjoy the sunshine while we still can (there *may* be rain on Monday) and stay safe, 
Kindest regards

Ms Whitlock


Friday 23rd April 

Week 1 done! It has been lovely to see so many smiles and so much sun. You may have noticed the trees laden with blossom near the entrance to the school – it looks lovely and Spring like (though after today’s wind, there is not *that* much blossom left on the trees themselves) and is a good reminder that brighter days are coming. We are already enjoying the longer evenings, but please find a list of reminders for this term below for your information:

Friday Finish – please remember that we are no longer finishing early on a Friday. We are reverting back to a normal school day, which means that pupils should be picked up at the same time as every other day in the week.  Deep cleans are still happening on a Friday; they are now just starting later.

Please note the pick-up timings for all year groups below:

Nursery – 1425 – 1445

Year R - 1425 – 1435

Year 1– 1435 – 1450

Year 2 – 1430 – 1445

Year 3 – 1455 – 1505

Year 4 – 1445 – 1455

Year 5 – 1455 – 1505

Year 6 – 1445 – 1455


If you have more than one child, please collect at the time of your eldest child.


Clubs start on Monday 26 April 2021

Vey excitingly, we also are now running one after school club for each year group for Years 1- 6. In order to still keep all Year Groups apart at all times, there is NO mixing of year groups for clubs and each year group has their own club only.  The clubs are set out below, with their start and finish times. Collection of pupils at the end of clubs will be in the same place as you would normally pick up. Please see below for the details.

Year Group

Lead Teacher/s



Collection Time

Year 1





Year 2





Year 3





Year 4





Year 5





Year 6






Uniform, PE Kit and Hair

Please feel free to wear the School’s Summer Uniform from now.  Please remember that shoes should be flat and black (Boots are not for this term please).

PE kit should be: White T Shirt or Wadebridge PE Top/Dark shorts, PE Skirt, dark leggings or tracksuit bottoms/Wadebridge PE Jumper, School Jumper or PLAIN DARK Jumper/White Sports Socks/Trainers. 

Hair that is longer than collar length must be tied back. All hair accessories should be gold and/or burgundy (no other colours please). 


Thank you for your support with all of these things – it is very much appreciated.


I also would like to talk about a little bit about autism awareness in this Blog. You may remember that we wore blue to recognise National Autism Awareness Week on Thursday 1 April, but what you might not know is that in our last day assembly, a very brave boy called Leo spoke to the entire school via our TEAMS assembly about what it means to be autistic and what he finds difficult. He also talked about what he does not find difficult, which was fantastic! He made everyone smile and I was very proud of him. I was also really proud of Mason in Year 6 as he gave out his class’s Shining Stars for the week and he was so good that if I did not know that he was a pupil, he could have passed for a teacher. His voice was strong and clear and he just got on with it!

This week, our whole school assembly focused on introducing a new PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) topic. The topic for this half term for the whole school is relationships, and we talked about the different relationships that we can have; how they are ALL important and how they all mean something to us. We thought about who we loved and wanted to spend time with, and why, and we thought about and talked about what can happen if something isn’t right in a relationship. We used cakes as an analogy (always a good idea), and realised that if any one of the ingredients in a cake isn’t there, the cake can taste very different (not in a good way). We then likened cakes to relationships in order to understand that what we put in very much determines what we get out. We thought about relationship ingredients and what would make a great relationship. We will be working more on this over this next half term and it promises to be really enlightening.  

A reminder that all parents can use the lateral Flow Device Testing Kits at home. Parents can order them online using the link below or you can collect them directly from the Covid Centre behind the Library in Bodmin.


Last but not least: Please also remember to label lunchboxes and please remember that we are a NUT FREE school.  This includes NO Nutella please. Please know that this hurts me as much as it might hurt your children as I absolutely love it.

Take good care, enjoy the sunshine and stay safe,

Kindest regards

Ms Whitlock


Thursday 1st April  

We made it!

It has been a long term, but a happy one. Being together for the last four weeks has really helped everyone’s morale and today’s assembly, where we celebrated the fantastic decorated eggs, was really uplifting. Our newly formed Head and Deputy Head Pupil Leadership Team were entirely in control of the competition judging and they wore their masks and scrutinised (not going near any other pupils) all of the competition eggs in the school. The first thing that they said when they reported back to me was how difficult it was to choose the winners! There were a lot of special mentions, I can tell you.

Seeing so many wonderfully decorated eggs come in to school today was wonderful and it showed just how creative we are at WPA – I would have liked to mention all of them as they were ALL amazing but no one has that amount of patience or reading span so I will only mention the winners. Stanley (YR), Archie (Y6) and Alfie (Y4) were the overall winners and they are shown in the attached pictures with their wonderfully decorated eggs.  WELL DONE to everyone who decorated though – you all did an eggcellent job.

This week we have had really good news regarding the Bag2School FOWPA collection – you raised an amazing £363! AND, as our Facebook page states, lots of you now have more room in your drawers. Phew!

We also had our second 100 Club draw yesterday too and we are delighted to announce that the winners are: Jackie Cann (1st Prize), Tony Cann (2nd Prize) and Katreen Bellringer (3rd Prize). A huge well done to the winners and fingers crossed for the next draw!

A reminder that all parents can use the lateral Flow Device Testing Kits at home. Parents can order them online using the link below or you can collect them directly from the Covid Centre behind the Library in Bodmin.

Please remember that we have an INSET day on Monday 19 April and the school is closed. The first day of term is Tuesday 20 April. Hurrah!

The timings for drop off and pick ups next term are EXACTLY THE SAME as this term. We still need to ensure that as few people are in school at any time, so please stick to the set timings – it is so appreciated.

Almost there…. We love that you are keeping in touch and teachers are always more than happy to receive emails with any questions or concerns you may have. However, please note that teachers work incredibly long hours and will only be able to reply to your emails during the working day, Monday to Friday. All teachers are teaching in class on a full-time basis now, so please do not always expect an immediate reply but know that they will be in contact with you as soon as possible. If you ever have an urgent concern, please contact the school office and ask for a message to be sent to your child’s class teacher as they will always respond immediately to this. Thank you for your support with this.

Last thing before happy holidays:

Please remember to label lunchboxes (you would be amazed how many pupils have the same lunchbox…) and please remember that we are a NUT FREE school.

I wish you all the most relaxing and recharging Easter Break and I look forward very much to seeing you all on Tuesday 20 April.

Take good care and stay safe

Kindest regards
Ms Whitlock

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Friday 26 March  

Dear Parents and Carers

It has been a hugely busy but enjoyable week. The marvellous Learning Ambassadors are starting to make their mark and Head Girl Isobel even gave out her class’ shining star certificates this morning – it was lovely!

The Pupil Leadership Team will also be judging the Easter Egg decorating competition that is attached – please have a read. Your job (should you choose to accept it) is to boil an egg, and then decorate it in the most flamboyant way possible. Given the impressive entries into the Toilet Roll competition, I am very much looking forward to seeing what the WPA pupils can do!

Bag2School – WOW! Your donations were stupendous and to be honest, the van who came to pick it all up was extremely lucky to get it all in his very large long wheel base transit.  FOWPA are waiting to hear what we have raised but we THANK YOU for it all.

The ‘Our Wonderful Cornwall’ Photo Competition is still open too – don’t forget to send in your best photo of our county (it can be a countryside pic, a building pic, a seascape pic or an anything pic really – as long as it shows Cornwall) by Friday 23 April 2021. Entries should be sent to Janetkeat@wadebridgeprimary.co.uk as an attachment. I can’t wait to see them all!

This week saw the very last Early Friday finish. We will still be having a Friday deep clean,; the cleaners will just start at bit later on. From the first Friday back after Easter (Friday 23 April), the school days will all end at the same time. I will remind you of the finish times next week in a separate letter so that you can have it to hand, but as ever, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

There are egg-citing things coming up next week – we have the Easter Egg competition to prepare for and then bring in; we have the end of term coming up (Thursday 1 April is the last day of term and we are finishing early) AND the clocks go forward this weekend so it is even lighter in the evenings. Hurrah! 

Driving into School: Please remember that the Speed Limit is 10 mph and please remember that there is NO parking in school – it is for Drop Off and Pick Up only.  Thank you very much.

Last thing for today: A message from Connect Church Wadebridge about an Easter Trail:

Connect Church (formerly Wadebridge Christian Centre) are running 'The Seriously Surprising Adventure Trail' on Saturday 3rd April from 2-5pm. This will be a family friendly walk around Wadebridge ending at Connect Church: exchange your answer sheet for a prize and the end of the trail.

Link to answer sheet (print your own – we will also post on social media):

Link to map: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1oJs_na14aLFJsF_wEH2KIViYzVRxtnYz&usp=sharing

Phew! We hope that you have a wonderful weekend and can’t wait to see you on Monday.

Kindest regards

Ms Whitlock

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Friday 19 March  

Dear Parents and Carers,

It has been a fantastic week. We have seen some sunshine, done lots of fantastic work and are really settling back into the swing of everyone being back in school.

Wednesday’s assembly was very special as every pupil in Years 1-6 and all staff members got to vote for our newly expanding Pupil Leadership Team. We saw potential House Captains and Head Boys and Head Girls give some truly fantastic speeches, saying why they would be the right choice for the role that they wanted, and I have to say, the results were amazingly close. We now have a Head Boy (Tom), a Deputy Head Boy (the results were so close that we had to have two!) (Danny), a Head Girl (Isobel) and a Deputy Head Girl (Eliza). Hurrah! These pupils are everything that we could ask for in Pupil Leaders and I am delighted that it is these pupils who are our first ever Senior Pupil Leaders. They all wholeheartedly and thoroughly deserve their role and I cannot wait to work with them in leading the pupils throughout the school. You will see lots of them in the coming months!

The House Captains were just as closely contested. Every boy and girl that applied gave genuinely outstanding speeches, and we wished that we could appoint every single one of them.

Choughs House Captains are Oscar and Holly
Cormorants House Captains are Rosie and Leo
Puffins House Captains are Connie and Jack
Swans House Captains are Teagan and Poppy

We also appointed 30 Bridge Ambassadors today! Every Year Group in Years 1-6 were tasked with appointing – through letters of application – Ambassadors for our Bridge Values. We now have in years 1 – 4 an Ideas Iguana, a Have a Go Hippo, a Find Out Flamingo, a Keep Going Koala and a Team Work Turtle. In Years 5 and 6 we have an Ideas Einstein, a Don’t Stop Darwin, a (H)ave a go Alexander, a Curious Curie and a Work Together Winston. They are a super group of pupils and we are really looking forward to them leading the learning across their Year Groups.

We also felt that the ambassadors needed a leader. It is a tricky job to lead a whole year group of learners and we thought that there needed to be someone to lead the Ambassadors and help them to fulfil their roles too. We have appointed Hannah as Head Ambassador. Hannah, just as all of the ambassadors do, embodies every single Bridge Value and we are delighted to see her in this role.

Every single leader appointed today completely deserves their role and we cannot wait to see them in action. I will take photos when it is NOT Red Nose Day…

A huge well done to all who went for the roles though – it is a very big deal to put yourself forward for something and it can be really hard when you are not successful, but I am so proud of every single Year 6 pupil who put themselves out there. The votes were genuinely very close indeed.

Just a few short reminders!

Collection of clothes on TUESDAY 23 March. Please bring your bags of clothes to school on Tuesday Morning for collection.

Please remember that there is NO Parking on site for any parents apart from those in the Nursery. There is also NO PARKING at the Comp AT ALL. There is plenty of parking at the Cormac Offices and at least it is light both in the morning and the afternoon now!

Please remember that the speed limit from the entrance to the school is 10 mph. Could you also please make sure that you are not blocking the zebra crossing at any time, or parking on the bend of the school drive. It causes a huge backlog and makes things run so much more slowly. Thank you so very much to all who are already not doing any of these things and for using the drop off and pick up lanes – it is very much appreciated.

Red Nose Day costumes and themes today have been BRILLIANT! The Reception Year Group Team DID come dressed as Breakfast (Sausage, Egg, Toast and Beans). There were some fantastic sights to see too – I must mention Flip and Flop, twins in Year 2 who actually came to school dressed as Flip Flops, complete with life size footwear. Fabulous! We took LOTS of pictures so please do look out for them on the blog and in the class pages and events page. Phew! We hope that you have a wonderful weekend and can’t wait to see you on Monday.

Kindest regards
Ms Whitlock

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Our Values...



We are inspired by the awe and wonder of the world.



We are bold and innovative in our approach to find new solutions to the challenges we face.



We are the best we can be.



We take responsibility for our actions in an environment of mutual respect.



We overcome all barriers to reach our potential, developing a capacity to improve further.



We are passionate about learning.

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