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Friday 23rd October

Dear Parents and Carers,
We made it to Half Term! It seems as though this has been an incredibly long half term, but it also seems to have flown by, which is testament to the immense effort that you have all put in. Seeing so many smiling faces has been a real tonic for us all, and we are so very grateful for all of your support.  However, we wish you a restful half term and cannot wait to welcome you back on Tuesday 3 November.

I am writing a letter, which will follow shortly, so will not write for too long, but if you have three minutes, do please go to the website and watch our ‘Half a term round-up’ video which gives you a small glimpse of what we have been learning in school recently. One of the loveliest responses to this video has been the reaction of the pupils through the school when they have been shown the video in class. It is rare, actually, that the whole school gets to see what the other classes have done without going into the other classes (and they don’t even often do that in ‘normal times’) but as we are not using the corridors, this is actually the perfect way to share and gel as a community. Which we very much are.

We talked about communities in our whole school assembly this week. We talked about how important it is to get on with people, but how, sometimes, even the closest of friends can get cross with one another and have arguments. This led to a practical demonstration of how things can get out of hand and lead to things that no one really wants or expects. I was lucky enough to cajole several members of staff into helping me with this (we socially distanced of course). We talked about how, in the olden days, when people were very angry with each other, they might have challenged the person that they were angry with to a duel.  In our duel, Mrs Lucock challenged Mrs Botten to a duel because Mrs Botten had taken Mrs Lucock’s pen and would not give it back. Mrs Botten claimed that it was hers. Mrs Hill was the referee and swords were the chosen weapon (we had one old sword (possibly made of balsa wood) and one foam sword which was about 6 inches long). The duel was very well acted given that the duellers were 2m apart and fervently contested, but the final ruling was that it ended in a draw.  Which I am not sure Mrs Botten was *entirely* pleased about. Anyway, the point was well made and all of the school realised that most things are definitely not worth falling out for, and that being good and trusted members of our community whilst being kind and being tolerant were the MOST important things to be in life.

Please do have a look at the letter when it arrives; remember not to come to school on Monday 2 November and remember that the first Friday back, Friday 6 November, is our Firework Party Day.
I hope that you all stay safe and well over the next week and one day and we hugely look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 3 November (NOVEMBER?!?!? Already!??!). 

Kindest regards
Ms Whitlock 


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