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Heli 2 Sponsored walk

Wow, what a wonderful morning. The children were super excited to do their sponsored walk and made the nursery team proud. Morwenna and Andy the Air Ambulance mascot came to cheer us on our way. Thank you for all of your support.



Week 5 in Little Nursery

This week in little nursery we have been looking at 'The very hungry Caterpillar' story. The children have enjoyed listening to the story and retelling the story in their words. 
The children have been making their own caterpillars. We used a different variety of resources to decorate them including (Brand new) egg boxes, paint, googly eyes and pipe cleaners. 
We have been looking at the life cycle of a caterpillar and have watched a number of videos, showing what happens. The children have learnt what a cocoon is and what comes out of a cocoon. 
We have been completing 'The very hungry Caterpillar' cosmic yoga and learning how to move like a caterpillar and butterfly. 
Our wonderful grass head plant pots have been growing and you will see these come home this week. 

Just one more week left of this half term, next week we will discover all about the butterfly. 



Week 3 In Little Nursery

This week in Little Nursery we have been busy making our own grass head cups. Each child had their picture taken and attached to a plant pot. They were then asked to fill their plant pot with soil and grass seeds. We talked about how grass grows and watched lots of videos showing how it grows. The children were able to tell us at the end of the week that roots grow down and the seeds grow up. Well done.

We have introduced a special helper system this week too, the children have really enjoyed their tasks of picking the wake and shake songs, helping get ready for dough disco, feeding the class animals and watering all our wonderful plants.

It has been very exciting to see our sunflowers growing too. 



Week 2 in Little Nursery

This week in Little Nursery we have been very busy Making our very own Ladybirds using a number of materials. We sat in a large group first and looked at different pictures of Ladybirds, we read 'What the ladybird heard' and we talked about where we would find a Ladybird and their different characteristics.

We have been exploring capacity's during a food activity, by selecting, filling and emptying containers. The children used spoons to stir and empty the Rice Krispie mix into their selected cake case. Whilst doing this activity we talked about more, less, full, empty, little and big. Each child were able to chose their own colour cake cases, showing their growing sense of self through asserting their likes, dislikes, choices and decisions. 



Planting Sunflower Seeds

Welcome back everyone!

To start our wonderful topic of 'Things that grow' this summer term we have had lots of fun planting our very own Sunflower seeds. We are encouraging the children's exploration and curiosity of living things by carefully planting, watering and looking after plants they have grown from seeds.
The children had lots of fun planting their seeds this week we cannot wait to see them grow.



This week, we celebrated St Pirans Day. The children listened to sea shanties sang by the fisherman in their boats out at sea.

They made their own Cornish flag, looking carefully at the pattern and colours on it.

The children also made their own pasties, they chose their filling and Miss Brown showed them how to crimp the pastry to keep it sealed. Gool Peran Lowen



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