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Great Western Railway- train building competition

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Activities 31.03.20

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Keeping Active! 27.03.20

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Ideas to try at home 24.03.20

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The Three Little Pigs 

• We have enjoyed learning the story of The Three Little Pigs.
• At story time we joined in with the repeated refrains and used different voices for the characters.
• We built houses using different construction pieces. Mr O used a hairdryer to try and blow the houses down! We had an experiment to see which house was built the strongest!
• We have been exploring 2D shapes and spotting them around the nursery.

‘A rectangle looks like Mummy’s iphone.’- Marley
‘A circle is round’- Nelly
‘Made big house..Mr O blowed it..too strong..didn't fall down’-Milo



Goldilocks and the Three Bears

• We have enjoyed learning the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
• At circle time we talked about the choices that Goldilocks made and if they were right. Lots of the children agreed that she was ‘naughty’ and that it wasn’t safe to go in a stranger’s house.
• We mixed colours to paint pictures of the bears.
• Outside we explored the properties of porridge and what happens when water is added.

‘Goldilocks broke baby bear’s chair’ and ‘Goldilocks didn’t like Daddy bear’s porridge.’- Sia
"I'm feeling's like abit icky.... It looks like milk when I mix it in"- Macie



Pancake Day

• The children enjoyed making pancakes and trying lots of different toppings.
•We had a pancake race trying not to drop them!
• We have lots of talk about technology in Nursery and at home. We shared ideas about how we use IT equipment such as mobiles, cameras, ipads and electric toothbrushes!
• We have enjoyed using our imagination to bake cakes and biscuits in our new playdough kitchen.

My Mummy has her phone and she texts- Caitlin
I can play games on the iPad and you can use the camera on it to take photos- Marley
We need milk, eggs, flour, put dem in da bowl and in the frying pan- Syndey



A mysterious egg!

This morning a mysterious egg was in Nursery. It sparked lots of talk about who it belonged to, what was inside and how it got there. The children came up with lots of great ideas including a cat egg! We then had a discussion about which animals come from eggs.

Somebody suggested that we smash the egg to see inside. We decided that if we did that we could hurt whatever was growing inside and so thought we best leave it hatch on its own. Some children played some musical instruments for the egg but others said we needed to play quietly because we shouldn't wake the egg up!! The children kept returning to the egg during the session to see if it had hatched. Maybe it will this week?



Chinese New Year

We have been learning about the celebration of the Chinese New Year!

• Preparing and trying new Chinese foods
• Making Chinese lanterns
• Having a go at eating with chopsticks
• Being part of a Chinese Dragon dance!

"We do it in the wok pan, we had some vegetables and then we eated with chopsticks like these"- Sydney “Yes cos it’s Chinese New Year, the big dragon does a dance”.- Kiaralee


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