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Home Learning 

What will home learning look like?
We wanted to just update you with what ‘learning’ may look like now that the Summer Term is imminent. Firstly, please remember that when it comes to ‘home learning’ we would like you to do as little or as much of this as you can- there is absolutely no pressure. We know that many of you will be working at home yourselves, trying to teach multiple children, having challenges with internet speeds etc., so please do not worry if things don't quite go to plan. If in doubt, ask your child to pick up a book and enjoy reading, do a fun Joe Wicks workout (I would suggest supportive clothes if you are joining in by the way – we found this out at school…. ????) or even just go on a minibeast hunt in the garden! Whilst the children are missing education in Nursery, we are sure that they are learning many wonderful life skills at home with you, as well as spending time with their families. Please be assured that our amazing team of teachers will pick up where they left off, once children return to Nursery  and everything returns to normal. 

The Early Years is very different to the rest of the school in terms of planning in that it is very child led with elements of adult led inputs to ensure there is curriculum coverage . We usually observe what the children are interested in, and then plan fun and exciting activities that foster their interests and move their learning on. As you can imagine this isn't possible due to the circumstances. Instead, the planning available will have a weekly theme.
There will be:
-a daily Literacy activity
-a daily Maths activity
-a daily Phonics activity
-a range of additional activities that link to the theme (arts, crafts, investigation, dance etc.)
The resources needed for each day will be found in the specific day folder. 

The activities planned require little or no additional resources/printing as we understand you may not not have the supplies at home. However, if you do have access to a printer and want some more 'paper based' activities please let me know and we can email them over to you. 

As we have said before – please don’t worry. Anything that you can do is super, but this is absolutely not the time to be worrying about how much you can cover. All pupils will catch up what they need to and if they need to when they are back in school and no one will be left behind or will be disadvantaged at all.

If there are things that you simply do not understand about any aspect of what is on the website, please do let us know. We want to get it right, but please understand that we are just as new to this online teaching situation as you are! Please email if you have any questions or need to ask for any help. Teachers will regularly be available to answer questions, but please don’t always expect a reply within a few minutes! 

Keep in touch... 
We do really miss the children! Planning activities for children who we aren't lucky enough to see every day isn't as enjoyable as being in Nursery so, please do send any pictures or ‘home learning’ to or upload them onto your Tapestry account. We would love to hear from you!

After Easter, ‘home learning’ needn’t start until Tuesday 14th April – so please, as much as you can, enjoy the Bank Holiday!

Take care,
Miss Lake, Mrs Divall and the Nursery Team

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Home Learning w/b 22nd June

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We are excited to have Nursery, Reception, Year 1, Year 5 and Year 6 children back in school along with children of key workers and vulnerable families. We will update parents and carers as the situation changes.

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