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We're going on an Owl hunt!  

During outdoor learning this week, the children went on an owl hunt. They were able to show amazing listening skills and were able to follow the instructions as they travelled around trees, through bushes and over tree stumps. This allowed the children to develop their confidence as well as their gross motor skills and co-ordination. Finally they found the owl that they had been hunting for, who was hiding high up in the tree.

After going on an owl hunt, they listened carefully to a story all about hedgehogs. They then had the opportunity to make their very own hedgehog out of clay. This was a wonderful activity where they were able to use many techniques to manipulate the clay and continue to develop strength in their fingers. They then went and collected some autumn treasures such as twigs and leaves to ensure that their hedgehog would be warm, comfy and cosy and ready for hibernation. 

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Bird feeders 

his week, we have been busy making bird feeder balls. This activity came from the children's discussions in the talking tub. Carefully following step by step instructions, the children mixed the different ingredients to make their balls. They moulded the ball mixture around a piece of string and labelled a plate with their name, in order to keep theirs safe. Some children were able to write their name independently and others knew to use their name card for some support.

Once everyone had made a bird ball, we watched a clip from Autumn Watch to gather ideas on where to place them. We were then able place our balls in our garden areas. Using a bird sheet, we sneakily tried to spot birds enjoying our foody creations!


Owl babies 

This week, our focused story is ‘Owl Babies’. Each day we’ve read the story and we have also learnt how to follow a story using a story map. In our COOL (Choosing Our Own Learning) time, some of the children have chosen to retell the story all by themselves using the story map and the book. We’ve learnt how to sequence of the story, by discussing what happened at the beginning, middle and end, as well as naming and describing the characters.

As part of our topic learning, we’ve been learning different facts about owls. Did you know that owls can eat reptiles, small birds, mice, bugs and even fish?! Ask your child what amazing facts they can remember! In our speaking and listening times, the children have explored the meaning of new vocabulary linked to our topic. We can now explain what nocturnal and camouflage mean!

In our outdoor learning time this week, we set the children the challenge of creating a habitat (we do indeed also now know what that word means!) for Sarah, Percy and Bill (the owl babies from the story.) The children used their knowledge to create nest out leaves and sticks. Some of the children chose to work in a group and some of the children wanted to complete the challenge individually. One of their super ideas was to create a secure wind break around the nest so that the leaves didn’t blow away!

We still have some questions surrounding owls which the children have come up with and would like to discover more about. One of them is ‘Why are owls scared of people but not other animals?’

What amazing, engaged learners we have in Reception!


Autumn Talking Tub 

Today, I gathered a group of children to come and explore the talking tub. The talking tub is used as a way of finding out what the children know, what they don't know yet and what they are interested in, linked to a chosen topic. As our topic is 'What is Awesome about Autumn?' We had a talking tub based on autumn objects. The tub included; flour, crunchy leaves, squirrels, hedgehogs, owls, conkers, bird seeds, a bird feeder and few other items. The children discussed what they knew about autumn and explored the different objects. They had to think about how and why the objects linked to the topic. After our discussions, the children record (through drawings) what they know or what they are most interested in on a thought bubble. These are gathered in our class floorbook. From their conversations and thought bubbles, we plan what the children will learn about. It will be linked to their interests and the gaps in their knowledge.


Leaf Man 

This week, our key text is ‘Leaf Man’. As a class, we explored and discussed the different creations in the book. The children were excited to discover what shapes the leaves were making.

One of our adult-led activities this week is to be able to create our own leaf pictures. The children were able to focus on their activity and shared what they had made with the rest of the group.


Meet the team! 


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