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Welcome to Year One! 

Welcome to the Year One Page where you will find out about the great things taking place in our classes.

We will update this page on a regular basis with information about our learning.

If you would like to contact us, please email and your email will be forwarded to us.

Home Learning: Each child has a Phonics folder that is included within their reading packet. This folder has key information about Phonics along with grapheme charts and tricky words. Each week, the children will be sent home with Phonics learning, in addition to regular reading. Each half-term your child will receive an optional Home Learning Grid linking to our Wider Curriculum Topics.

Reading Books: Reading books will be changed every Monday. Regular reading at home is so very important to help your child in becoming a fluent reader. Please read the information in your child's reading record about how you can support them best when reading at home. Library books will be changed each Friday. Please ensure that reading packets are kept in your child's book bag throughout the week.

PE Days: Our PE days are currently on a Thursday. Please ensure that your child wears their PE kit to school every Thursday. On Friday the children will have Wild Tribe sessions. Please send your child into school in suitable outdoor learning clothes and footwear, along with a spare change of clothes.

We aim to keep this webpage updated throughout the year with pictures, videos and useful information, so please do watch this space! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! Best wishes, The Year One TeamHome Learning:

Miss Warren
1W Class Teacher 

Mrs McGillewie

Mrs Clarke 
1B Class Teacher

Mrs Giles

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Week 4 - Time Travelling Adventure 

Week 4 - Time Travelling Adventure

Year One were very lucky today to have a special visitor - Mrs Hughes travelled all the way from Victorian times to talk to the children about what it was like for Victorians at the seaside. 

She started by asking what the children already knew and they wow-ed here with their knowledge of what the seaside was like in the past - from bathing carriages to long walks on the promenade for good, healthy fresh air! 

Mrs Hughes talked some more about the seaside and explained that she would go swimming fully clothed. She invited all the children to come and feel the dress she was wearing and talked them through the many layers - it must have been very hot for the ladies by the seaside! The children were encouraged to feel how hard the layers of the dress were, which they enjoyed! 

Following this, children sat in groups to be real historians by closely examining some Victorian artefacts - the children were fantastically behaved, they handled the objects carefully and with great respect and Mrs Hughes told them how important this is so as not to damage the items. The children had to work in teams to guess what the items were, what they were made out of and what they were used for. They were puzzled by some of them - especially the glass bottle with a marble in. The items turned out to be a stoneware hot water bottle, a glass ice cream holder for a penny lick (we also examined a Victorian penny), a Cod bottle that was used for putting fizzy drinks in (the marble kept the gases in) and a chamberpot, which the children were not so happy about when they learnt it's real use and that it wasn't a huge teacup!

Their last item was a stereoscope that used 2 of the same photographs and merged them to become 3D - the children (and staff!) were fascinated by it and each got a turn to look through it. 

It was a really interesting session and we all learnt lots about life in Victorian times at the seaside - hopefully the children will tell you all about it! 


Summer 2; Weeks 1 and 2: Fabulous fruit salads 

Weeks 1 and 2: Fabulous Fruit Salads

We've been busy learning about eating healthy this week in DT and the children learnt about different food groups. We looked at the Eatwell Plate and learnt about the importance of eating a balanced diet. 

The children designed a fruit salad using three fruits and either apple or orange juice to top it with. Today, the children have been busy making their fruit salads. We discussed how important it is to wash our hands before we touch any foods we are preparing. We learnt how to cut the fruits safely using a bridge hold and used chopping boards and knives to cut the different fruits carefully. Once the fruit was cut, the children were able to select the fruits they wanted according to their designs and arrange them in an appetising way, topping them carefully with apple or orange juice. Some of their designs were beautiful! The children then sat together to enjoy their fruit salads together and we were really proud of them for trying some fruits they were not sure of. Some children said they don't usually have some of the fruits at home but that they had enjoyed them. We talked about what they liked about the look and taste of their salads and what they would do next time to improve their designs. We had some very constructive comments, including: 

"I would use less juice because there's too much!"
"I would use bananas next time. I'm not keen on the strawberries." 
"I would use more watermelon - it's so yummy!" 
"I'd add more of everything!" 

What a lovely treat after all their hard work during their Phonics Screening checks. 

Next week is Sports Week and we will be talking to the children about the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris.


We're very excited to have our sports day on Thursday - please send your child into school wearing their PE kits and a coloured t-shirt to match their house team - if you are unsure of what colour they should wear, please do ask! 

Puffins - red
Cormorants - blue
Choughs - yellow
Swans - green. 


Weeks 5 and 6: Under the Sea!  

Weeks 5 and 6: Under the Sea! 

Another fantastic fortnight of learning brings our half-term to an end and what a lot we've packed into it! 

This last week saw our fantastic Year 1 children go a visit to Blue Reef Aquarium and there was much dancing at the FOWPA disco. Here are some of the highlights: 


We have been looking at poetry and learning about our senses. The children looked at pictures of beaches and worked in groups to make mind maps of what they could see, smell, hear, taste and feel at the seaside. We then used these ideas and added adventurous vocabulary to them to make them more interesting, for example 'seagulls' became 'squawking seagulls' and 'ice cream' became 'scrumptious, sweet ice cream'. The children then used these ideas to create their own seaside senses poems, which they showed confidence in reading out aloud to their classmates. Some really fantastic work! 


We have been exploring fractions and started with finding a half of an shape and then finding half of a group or a number. The children used concrete objects to work practically and record their answers in their books. We then moved onto finding a quarter of a shape, group and number, again, working practically to solve different problems. We ended the week by looking at position and direction and using our mathematical language of left, right, forwards and backwards to navigate around a picture board and then write instructions for a friend to follow. 


We had a letter delivered from The Singing Mermaid who told us she had unfortunately scraped her tail on a rock and damaged some of her scales. She wrote to Year 1 to ask for their help in finding a material that would be strong, lightweight and waterproof (and beautiful of course!) that she could make some new scales out of. The children set to work learning about different materials and their properties before planning and carrying out 3 experiments to find the best material. They tested if a material was waterproof by dipping it in water to see if it absorbed the water or not, stretched the materials to see which was strongest and felt them to see which was lightest. They recorded their results and found out that plastic was the best material, which children then wrote back to The Singing Mermaid to let her know their findings. 


We have been very lucky to have Pro20 in this half-term teaching the children football skills, which they have loved! They have learnt to dribble and control the ball and have played some very exciting mini games of football! Next half-term, PE goes back to being on a Thursday and we will be doing athletics on the field - running and throwing and jumping - we can't wait! 

Our School Trip 

Wow! What a fantastic time we had at Blue Reef Aquarium - the children were fantastically behaved and showed much interest in what the Blue Reef staff shared with them. We took lots of photos and talked about them after the trip and it was amazing to hear how much information they had remembered! Not only did we have a fantastic time at the Aquarium but the sun shone for us on the beach and we were able to go and play in the sand with our friends! They were amazing on the trip and we really were very proud of them. A big thank you again to all the parents who were able to help us on the trip. 


School will reopen on Monday 3rd June and we look forward to seeing you then and hearing all about the children's adventures over half-term.

PE is now on a Thursday so please send your child in full PE kit on Thursdays. 

Library books will continue to be changed on Thursdays too. 

Please do continue to read with your children over half-term and encourage them to complete some of the activities in their phonics packs - they have been very enthusiastic about completing these already, which is great to hear! 

Phonics screening checks will take place on week commencing 10th June. 

Have a wonderful half-term break and we look forward to seeing you on 3rd June. 
The Year 1 Team 


Weeks 3 and 4: Determined Designers 

Summer 1, Weeks 3 and 4: Determined designers

Another busy fortnight in Year 1 but we have been particularly impressed with the resilience shown in Year 1 - we have a lot of "Keep Going Koalas"! 


Linked to our wider curriculum learning of the seaside, the children have been busy designing jellyfish puppets. 
Firstly, they had to work with small pieces of felt and investigate the 3 different ways of joining the pieces together - with glue, safety pins or staples. Everyone tried all 3 methods and the glue station got very sticky at one point with no one having much success - but that's ok because designers try things and evaluate whether it worked or could have been better. The children unanimously decided the glue wasn't for them and we tried our hand at stapling. We had more success here but did get through a lot of staples! We also tried joined the felt together using safety pins. We soon realised these were tricky - especially some of the smaller ones - but some of our classmates were amazing at pinning the pieces together and were nominated as "class experts" and they helped others out who were struggling - some wonderful teamwork turtle skills on show! 

Finally, we were ready to design our jellyfish so children chose a colour of felt and sketched out on a template what their jellyfish would look like. These were photocopied before the children used their cutting skills to carefully cut out the template and - back to the safety pins! - pinned the template onto the felt. They then had to cut out the felt and join their 2 jellyfish pieces together. This was where they chose which method they would like to use to join them. The jellyfish need to be finished next week and we can't wait to show them off!


We finished off our learning of the Singing Mermaid by reinventing the story together and the children decided they would like their new character to be the Dancing Dolphin. The Dancing Dolphin lived in the deep, blue sea and was warned by William Whale not to go with Sam Sly to the circus where she was trapped in a tank. Luckily, her friend Ollie Octopus helped her escape back to the sea. The children loved writing their stories and we are seeing them apply the knowledge they have learnt in lessons to their writing, often independently. For example, children were using exclamation marks and some wonderful adjectives to describe the characters and their feelings in the story. We really enjoyed reading their stories. 

We then started on a poetry unit, looking at our different senses and thinking what we can see, hear, smell, taste and feel at the seaside. Children worked in groups and studied different photos of beaches to make lists and we added adjectives to these the following day. For example, I can see the sea became I can see the crashing waves; and I can hear the seagulls became I can hear the noisy seagulls squawking. The children are then going to use these ideas to write their own seaside senses poems.


We have now moved onto learn about fractions and looked at halving an object, such as a pizza or an orange, and talked about now having 2 parts. We moved onto discuss halving a group of objects, talking about having more than 2 objects but still having 2 groups of objects. We identified to be halved, the groups need to have an equal number and we shared out different numbers of counters equally to see what half of a given number was. The children are making the link between halving and doubling, knowing that if 5 is a half, they have to double 5 to find the whole number. 


As part of our learning around the question "have people always liked to be beside the seaside?", we looked at what beaches were like in the past and how they have changed over time. The children loved looking at a range of photos of seasides in the past and learning what many Victorians did when they went to the seaside. Their favourite part was looking at the bathing carriages some Victorians were lucky enough to use where ladies were pulled by horse in a carriage into the sea where they would lower themselves into the water and have a swim before climbing back into the carriage to change and be pulled back to dry land. What a wonderful idea! They were less keen on wearing a suit or a formal dress to the beach though - much preferring their t-shirts and shorts! 


With our phonics screening check creeping ever closer, we have planned in some fun phonics afternoons where the children have enjoyed playing phonics games in groups to practice their sounds. Please do continue to read with your child at home and practice their phonics sounds. There are some great games on "Phonics Play" website which are free to play and the children do love them! 


If you have already done so, please do return your trip consent letter for the aquarium trip. 
Library day is Thursday - please do send your child in with their book so they are able to change it. 
Monday is PE so children should come to school in PE kits please. 

Have a lovely weekend, 
The Year 1 Team


Summer 1 - Weeks 1 and 2  

Summer 1, Weeks 1 and 2 - Busy Beebots!

What a start to the summer we've had - and with the weather we've had this week, it's actually feeling like summer term! 

We've had a really busy start to the term and here are some of the highlights:


Our class book is The Singing Mermaid by Julia Donaldson and the children are loving it just as much as we are! We have used the book to explore using question marks by thinking of questions to ask the Singing Mermaid and to explore exclamation marks in our writing by exclaiming over how mean Sam Sly was! We discussed emotions by focusing on how the Singing Mermaid felt when she was trapped in the fish tank and used these adjectives and ideas when writing a letter as the Singing Mermaid to our friends at Silver Sands letting them know what had happened and how we felt about it. The children have really embraced the story and we are seeing some great ideas and vocabulary in their writing. 


We have had a really busy 2 weeks in Maths - starting with counting in 2s, then in 10s and then in 5s. We then moved onto recognising equal groups, which included problem solving when the groups were not equal. We moved onto adding equal groups, using our skills of counting in 2s, 10s and 5s and the children are becoming more fluent in these. Why not play some games to use these skills as you're out and about over the weekend? Try counting pairs of socks or grouping their toys and seeing if they can show off their counting skills! 


Last week, we used the primary colours to explore making secondary colours and used our sketchbooks to make a note of our work. We then made a printing stamp using different shapes of thin polystyrene, which we glued onto cardboard. The following day, we used our stamps with printing inks and rollers and made pictures in the style of Andy Warhol. We really enjoyed our arty week! 


This week, we returned to our learning of human and physical geographical features and looked at these in relation to the beach and seaside, identifying different features we can see on the coast. The children were very enthusiastic about these and shared their ideas as a class. We identified features such as, cliffs, hills, harbour, pier, lighthouse, ocean, beach, rocks, beach huts, shops and boats. We then used a picture of a local beach to describe what we could see, for example, there is a lighthouse on the pier or I can see cliffs above the ocean. Wow! Some great learning!


We had great fun in our computing sessions when learning about algorithms as we were able to get the Beebots out! We started by "programming" our Teachers to move around the classroom and then programming our friend to do the same. Then we learnt how to operate the Beebot (making sure we clear the instructions every time became very important!) and we programmed the Beebots to move to different places. We set a finish point for them and tried to instruct them to land on a spot. It was a good lesson in giving very clear instructions! The children soon learned what to do and have been able to write a short series of instructions for the Beebots this week. Amazing! 


We are very lucky this term to have Pro20 delivering PE sessions and we have had 2 weeks of football - there are some awesome skills on show! We have played different games involving finding space and evading other children, which we have then put to good use when playing with a ball and children are now learning to evade other people whilst dribbling with the ball. We have had some mini games of football at the end of sessions, which have been great to see the children putting their new found skills into action - and some great sportsmanship on display too! 


We have sent letters out re out trip to the Aquarium - thank you to those who have sent them back in. Please continue to send them in next week with your child.

Mondays are PE days so full PE kit please. 

Thursdays are library days so please send your child in with their library book ready to change. 

Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you again on Monday! 

The Year One Team


Week 6 - What an egg-cellent week!  

Week 6 - What an Egg-cellent week! 

We've had a really busy week to end our busy term with! 


We finally finished our bean diaries this week - unfortunately because of the lack of sunshine, not all our beans had germinated but we have sent them home with the children so we're hoping if they keep them in the window, maybe they will by the end of the holidays! Some beans had germinated and others had grown roots, a stem and even some leaves. The children really enjoyed looking at the different stages. 


We used our knowledge we have learnt about maps to good use on Monday by drawing our own maps of the KS1 playground. Children drew them from a birds-eye view, making a key to go with it so others could read their maps. We used vocabulary, such as near, next to, left, right, behind. 


The children had fun writing their own poems about What's at the bottom of the garden using alliteration and we had some fantastic efforts. They really impressed us with their use of vocabulary and we had some great descriptions - wiggly worms, buzzy bees, slobbery slugs, to name a few! 


We finished our ball skills unit with DT Coaching with some fun games this week and managed to carry on despite the heavy downpours by moving to the hall for an epic game of Duck, Duck, Goose, which the children all loved! They have been learning to catch and to throw using 3 different types of pass - a chest pass, a shoulder pass and a bounce pass. They have been able to put these skills to use in small games of handball, following the rules of 3 steps once they are holding the ball and only holding the ball for 3 seconds.

Next half-term, we will have Pro 20 coaching on a Monday so please send your child into school in their PE kit on Mondays. 

We hope you all have a fabulous Easter break and fingers crossed we get some much needed sunshine! 

We look forward to seeing you back on Monday 15th April (in PE kits!). 

The Year One Team


Week 5 - Marvellous Maps! 

Week 5 - Marvellous Maps!


This week, the children have shown off their skills in their reading assessments and we were really proud of how well they listened to instructions and for their brilliant reading and comprehension. We then started our poetry unit and learnt about alliteration where words with the same sound are used for impact in writing. We had fun trying to learn some tongue twisters, like "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers"! 
The children came up with their own alliterative words, such as "dancing dog" and "Freddie fox". Children then took a poem about creatures under the sea and changed the adjective to one of their own. We had some great examples, including "squirty squids", "crusty crabs" and "shiny starfish". Next week, we will be writing our own poems about what is at the bottom of the garden. 


Children have continued learning about place value to 50 and have been looking at one more and one less than a given number to 50. For this, they have been learning to use number squares to 50 and have been able to find a number and work out one more and one less. We have been really impressed with their knowledge and how hard they have worked. 


We have been learning about maps this week and talked about where we find them - paper maps, on grown up's phones, in the car, in towns and cities, on the camel trail - they had some great ideas about where they were. We used Digimaps to find Cornwall and zoomed in to find Wadebridge and our school. We looked at the difference between a satellite image and a map and learnt what a key is. We then used our knowledge to go into the playground to look what features there are and to plot them onto a map. Next week, we will use this information to make a map of the playground. Children had to find different features and draw them in the correct place on their map, for example, the shed had to be to the left of the Year 2 classrooms and the climbing frame was next to a picnic bench. Children found it difficult at first not to draw the object from their viewpoint but to think of it as a "birds eye view". We studied some more maps in the classroom and talked about the difference. We are looking forward to drawing our maps next week. 


We have a shorter week next week with it being Easter and break up on Thursday at 1pm. 

We will still have PE on Wednesday so please send your child into school in their PE kit. 

Library day is Thursday - please do bring your books back in to change for the holidays. 

Please make sure your child has their book bag every day so they are able to read with adults in school, thank you.

Have a lovely weekend!

The Year 1 Team


Week 4 - Dressing up fun!  

Week 4 - Dressing up fun! 

Another fun filled week and topped off with Red Nose Day celebrations today. The theme was "do something funny for money" and we started the week with our WPA Red Nose Day Bake Off event. We had lots of entries from Year 1 who had clearly been busy over the weekend creating some funny yummies that were sold at break times and raised a good amount for Comic Relief. Well done to everyone who took part and thank you to everyone who bought a cake. Thank you also for your donations today, which will be added to our cake sale money and sent to Comic Relief. Today, we read about the history of Comic Relief in our guided reading lesson and the children then worked in house teams to answer questions about what they had read, using their retrieval skills to find the answers. They worked brilliantly together and there was some great teamwork on show as well as some great retrieval skills.  


We started the week by welcoming a special visitor - the lovely Daya - who came in to talk to the children about Islam and how Muslims live. She spoke to the children about the headwear Muslim girls wear and some of the girls were more than happy to model it! She then let the children dress up in different outfits she had brought with her - prayer caps for the boys and beautiful dresses for the girls. They watched a video of the inside of a Mosque in London and watched how Muslims pray - facing East towards Mecca (we learnt that this is a very special place for Muslims who are encouraged to visit once in their lifetime). We learnt that Muslims pray 5 times a day and the children acted out how it is done. Daya was very impressed with the knowledge the children already had of Islam from their learning in RE so far this term. They were able to tell her there were 5 pillars of Islam and she talked a little about these. We finished off with some traditional Bhangra dancing, which is surprisingly energetic and the children had a great time trying this and a form of Bhangra ballet. What a great way to start the week off! 


We have been retelling the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, using our adventurous vocabulary, exclamation marks and suffixes to make our stories more interesting. The children have worked really hard on them and are looking forward to showing you them on parents evening. 


We created our bean diaries last week and this week we have been closely observing the beans we are trying to grow on the wet paper towel. Children were very excited to observe that some of their beans have started to germinate, whilst others are yet to do so. We have been keeping a close eye on our cress plants too and these are growing nicely - we were a little worried at the start of the week as there was no growth in half of the plants but now each pot has some seedlings in. We have been recording our findings in our diaries. We will continue to observe the growth of the cress and beans over the next 2 weeks.


Parents evening will be on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th March - please continue to book your appointments via Arbor. If you have any issues with booking, please speak to the office who should be able to help you. 

No dressing up days next week so normal school uniform all days but Wednesday, which is PE kit please. 

Have a lovely weekend.
The Year One Team


Week 3 

Spring 2, Week 3 - it's been a busy week! 

We've had such a fun week and seem to have packed all sorts in! 

St Piran's Day

The children looked great in their black, white and gold outfits and having enjoyed an assembly all about St Piran and all things Cornish the day before, we were ready to celebrate the day. Most children enjoyed a pasty for their lunch and in the afternoon, they took part in some traditional Cornish singing. They asked if we could sing "Cornwall My Home" and "Trelawney" ("The Song of the Western Men"). They spontaneously threw their arms around each other and swayed in time to the song!! 

World Book Day

Another fun packed day and the children enjoyed coming to school in their PJs - although some had fabulous outfits on too! - and bringing in their teddies and favourite books. During English, we shared our favourite books and talked about them, deciding whether they were fiction or non-fiction depending on their features. Children had time to share them in small groups and as a class, talking about their favourite parts of the book. In the afternoon, the Year 6s joined us for some shared reading. They read books to the Year 1s and some Year 1s even read stories to the Year 6s - it was wonderful to see them together, sharing stories and having a good chat about the books. As a treat, all children had a biscuit and hot chocolate so it was a lovely afternoon! We then had an assembly that featured a quiz where different staff members had filmed a short clip about a favourite book and children had to guess who it was - they were pretty good at it too! 

All of this has been on top of our "normal learning" and we've been busy with this too! 


We drew story maps of Jack and the Beanstalk, shared them with friends and retold the story using them. Children then worked in small groups to act out the story and performed them to the rest of the class - we have some budding actors and actresses in our midst! 


We continued our learning of place value to 50 and have been counting in 10s to 50 and building different numbers using dienes and rods and tens frames. The children are really enthusiastic about working with these bigger numbers. 


Continuing with our question of "What's at the bottom of the garden?", we have been looking at the different parts of a plant and comparing different plants. This week, we planted some cress seeds carefully into little pots of soil. They are on our windowsills in the classroom and we are looking for signs of germination. The children also planted beans onto a wet paper towel in a sealed bag and we have sellotaped these to the classroom windows. We are observing carefully to see when these germinate too. We are very excited to see what happens! 

Reminder  - It is Comic Relief on Friday 15th March and it is non-uniform day. If you would like to send in a donation, please do feel welcome to but please do not feel you have to. 

Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to another fun packed week next week!

The Year 1 Team


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