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Welcome to Year One 

Firstly, Welcome to Year One!

We understand that whilst the jump from Reception to Key Stage One is an exciting move, it can feel somewhat daunting too, as some of the routines are different to Reception. 

Learning in Year One

We have worked closely with the Reception team to ensure a smooth transition from the Foundation Stage Curriculum to the Key Stage One Curriculum. This has included a detailed transition meeting between previous teachers and new teachers detailing where the children currently are in their learning, what their next steps are, along with friendship groups, likes, dislikes and interests. In September you will notice that the Year One classrooms and timetable will very much reflect their previous classroom in Reception. The children will have many opportunities to learn through play, be creative, explore and work in small focus groups with teachers. We absolutely will only move towards more ‘formal’ learning when the children are ready.

Important Information 

PE: Our PE days are currently on a Thursday. Please ensure that your child wears their PE kit to school every Thursday. More information about correct uniform for PE Days can be found on the school website. 

Reading Books: Reading books will be changed three times a week. They will be changed on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Regular reading at home is so very important to help your child in becoming a fluent reader. Please read the information in your child's reading record about how you can support them best when reading at home. Library books will be changed each Friday. Please ensure that reading packets are kept in your child's book bag throughout the week.

Home Learning: Each child has a blue home learning book that is included within their reading packet. This home learning book has key information about Phonics along with grapheme charts and tricky words. Each week, the children will be sent home with Phonics learning, in addition to regular reading. 

We aim to keep this webpage updated throughout the year with pictures, videos and useful information, so please do watch this space! 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Best wishes,

The Year One Team 


Summer Term!  

Sun, sand and sea. Why is the beach a popular place to be? 

The children have had a fantastic first two weeks back at school. We are excited to start our new topic, which will be all about the seaside. Please see our topic map at the bottom of this blog for more information.

This term we are going to be using 'The Singing Mermaid' by Julia Donaldson to inspire our writing. So far we have been learning how to write ? and ! sentences, apply suffixes such as s, es and ed. We are very impressed with the progress the children have made with their writing. Their presentation is particularly impressive! 

This week in Science the children were VERY excited to receive a letter from the Singing Mermaid herself! Unfortunately she has lost a precious scale and the children are going to learning all about materials, to help her find a replacement. The children have learnt all about materials this week. As you can see in the pictures, they had a great time going on a material hunt around the classroom and playground. Today they have been extending their vocabulary to describe the properties of each material. Next week we look forward to using our material knowledge to complete a science experiment to find the best material for a new scale. 

The children's Phonics knowledge continues to WOW us all! We are so proud of the determination from the children to learn and remember new sounds. As you know, the Phonics Screening Check takes place straight after the half term. All information about this (following the parent meeting last term), can be found in a previous blog. Please check your emails for an email from Ms Whitlock today with some more information. More resources will be coming out over the next few weeks to give children an extra little boost! 

Just a reminder of important days of the week...
Monday: PE kits for Pro20 football.
Tuesday: Library Books 
Friday: Books changed 

As always, please let us know if you have any questions.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Lee- Elkins and Miss Warren 

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Wiggly worms, measure and a Giantess! 

The last few weeks have been full of fantastic learning opportunities. We have been digging for worms, setting up our own worm worlds to help us understand their important role in a habitat and also completed some amazing Art work. The children have been experimenting with different pencils, pastels, chalks, and paints to create observational drawings. The children looked very carefully at different pieces of fruit and vegetables. They explored the different shapes, colours, and textures before drawing and printing. We have some really fantastic artists in Year One! 

We have nearly come to the end of our Jack and the Beanstalk Learning Journey. The children are now at the invent stage where they are creating their own alternative evening. They have come up with some great (and slightly random!) ideas. We have Jack and the Giant making friends, a guest appearance from Harry Potter and alternative ending with a Giantess. The children have been working incredibly hard to use their toolkits to include key signs of success such as 2a sentences, conjunctions like 'because' and spellings using phonics. We are so impressed with the progress that the children have made with their handwriting. They are working incredibly hard to make their letters a little smaller, neatly formed and sitting on the line. 

This week in Maths has been all about measure. We have been measuring lengths and heights and mass and weight.  The children enjoyed measuring classroom objects and it was interesting to find out a chair leg is 35cm! Who knew! The children have been learning to use key vocabulary to compare different measures.

Phonics and Early Reading 
Thank you to everyone who is reading regularly at  home- it really does make an incredible difference! As we know, the Phonics Screening Check is creeping up very quickly. Please continue to recap sounds at home regularly and complete the weekly Phonics learning. We may catch you between now and the Easter Holidays to talk about the children's individual next steps. 

This week we were very luck to have the opportunity to  watch Year 4’s Viking performance which the children really enjoyed! Their singing and acting skills were amazing!

We will be finishing this week off with an early Easter egg hunt during outdoor learning on Friday.

Well done for another fab week!

The Year One Team :) 


Writing fairy tales, being scientists and making equal groups. It's been another great week of learning in Year One! 

 Hello all,

The children have had a very busy couple of weeks. In English, we have been reading the traditional fairy tale ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We have compared the traditional tale to other stories in the same style, such as 'Cinderella and the Bean Stalk'. 

The children have be learning to use the suffixes ‘ed’, ‘ing’ and ‘es’. They have been using adjectives to describe and have created their own story maps which they will use to help them write their fairy tale next week. We have seen a lot of progress in the children’s writing and we are so proud of how hard they have been working.

As you know, we have started a new topic ‘What’s at the bottom of the Garden?’ which has provided many opportunities for some really exciting science. We have been learning about seeds and bulbs and the children were able to describe the similarities and differences between the two. Next, we learnt about evergreen trees and deciduous trees and how they are different along with learning the names of wild and garden plants. We went on a ‘tree hunt’ around school and were able to spot both types of trees. Then we explored the life cycle of a bean plant and used fantastic vocabulary such as 'germination' to help us describe how it goes from a bean to a plant. We have planted our beans and we can't wait to see what happens! 

 In Maths this week, we have been using our knowledge of counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to make equal groups. The children made their own arrays and used key vocabulary such as 'rows' and 'columns'. We have also been learning how to share equally, which is the stepping stone to division. 

The children have dressed up in all sorts of colours this week for Ukraine Day and Red Nose Day. Thank you your generosity we have raised an impressive amount .

Important notices for next week: parents evenings (please log on to Arbor to book your appointment), no clubs, PE on Thursday and Wild Tribe on Friday. 

Have a great weekend in the sunshine! 

Take care,

The Year One Team.


Phonics Screening Check- Parent Information Meeting 

Thank you to everyone who was able to make the Year One Phonics Screening Check information meeting this afternoon. Please find the resources below for more guidance. If you weren't able to make the meeting, and you would like to catch up with us, then please just let your child's class teacher know.

Many thanks,

Mrs Lee- Elkins and Miss Warren 

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World Book Day 2022! 

What a day! The Year One Team have had the most fantastic World Book Day!
We love to read everyday in Year One, but dressing up as our favourite characters has made it even more magical! The children looked spectacular in their outfits so thank you SO much for your efforts at home. The children had a great day listening to stories, designing their own book covers, making predictions about books etc.
We had the perfect end to the day where we were able to meet up with our Y5 Buddies to share a hot chocolate, a biscuit and of course, a story! 
Today in our Shining Stars assembly, we celebrated 6 children across Year One who make a huge effort to read regularly at home and are therefore making fantastic progress in reading.

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Spring 2- What's at the bottom of the garden? 

Firstly, thank you so much for everyone who came to our explorer event on the final Wednesday of last term. The children really enjoyed sharing their learning with you and it was wonderful to see the many proud faces around the room! ‘Why go exploring?’ was a fantastic topic which encompassed many subjects from Science (exploring the properties of ice), History (learning about famous explorers and the history of travel) to DT (designing and creating cars using wheels and axles) and finally, cooking (making recipes suitable for an adventure). It was great to see the children sharing their knowledge and learning with you!

Next term we have another exciting topic ahead! Our topic will be ‘What’s at the bottom of the garden?’ The children will be learning all about plants and habitats. We are really excited that this topic actually links to a local charity- more information about this to come soon! At the end of the term the children were busy creating Art work ready for our new topic. The children developed their drawing skills by exploring the use of lines using a range of different types of pencils. They used this skill to create a sketch of a bee along with a whole class beehive. See some examples below!

This term we will continue to have PE on a Thursday and Wild Tribe on Friday so please ensure that your child is dressed suitably for both of these days of the week. We will continue to change reading books on a Friday and give Phonics homework sheets on a Monday. Attached to the bottom of this blog you will find the home learning grid for this term.

We will also make sure this is in your child’s reading record too. At the end of the last term an email was sent to all parents about a new Maths game that your child will now have access to. We will ensure that log in details are sent out on the first day back to school. Finding 5 minutes for your child to have a go on NumBots will really support your child’s confidence with numbers to 20 and addition and subtraction. If you have any problems accessing the App then please do let us know.

We have lots of exciting learning to look forward to this term so keep checking the blog for pictures and updates!

Many thanks, Mrs Lee- Elkins and Miss Warren.

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Friday 18th February 2022 

Hi Everyone,

Well, what an end to the term! We hope that you are all safe and cosy at home. Here are some activities that could keep you busy today. On a Friday we usually do whole class Phonics, RE, PSHE and Wild Tribe so we have uploaded some learning linked to this. They are activities that do not require printed worksheets but your child may need access to either a smart phone or computer/iPad to watch the videos.


This week we have been learning how to count in 5s all the way up to 100. Please click on ‘Place Value to 50’ and scroll to the bottom to find two videos with counting 5 activities.


Recap your Phase 4 tricky words with this Twinkl video. Can you make a poster of your Phase 4 tricky words? Pop it up in your house to help you remember them! 

If you fancy a challenge, here are some Phase 5 words to recap too.


For RE and PSHE, please see the PowerPoints attached to the bottom of this blog.

Please do send Miss Warren and I an email if you have any questions!

Best wishes and take care,

Mrs Lee- Elkins and Miss Warren.

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Why go exploring? 

We are really excited to have started our new topic, 'Why Go Exploring?' This term we are going to be learning all about what makes the world wonderful, how we can travel around the world and famous explorers. 
We have already been developing our Art skills to create images of The Northern Lights. The children explored how to use chalks and their creations are brilliant! We then created a wax resist picture of a winter scene. 

To start the topic, we have been using our Geography skills to learn all about the world. We have explored atlases and maps in order to learn about continents and oceans. We found the North and South Pole and thought about how the equator affects the weather. The children were particularly excited by the cold parts of the world so we decided to use or Scientific skills to find out how to melt ice quickly. Some Lego explorers were stuck in an ice cube tray and the children planned their investigation and made predictions about whether the salt, sugar or hair dryer would melt the ice the quickest, in order to free the explorers! The children were very excited to find that salt melted the ice very quickly. We then explored how and why salt is used on roads to stop them becoming slippery. 

In our English lessons, we have been reading the book 'The Great Explorer' by  Chris Judge. The children have been using the 'ed' suffix to change words to the past tense and have been using interesting adjectives to write descriptions about the things that Tom the explorer took with him and when he saw The Northern Lights.

In Maths we have been learning to add and subtract within 20. The children are really gaining confidence to use objects, pictures and their mental strategies to find the answers to a range of different problems. 

Just a reminder that Wild Tribe continues to be on a Friday and PE on a Thursday. Books will be changed each Friday too. 

Many of the children have recently moved up to the next level in Phonics, meaning that they have moved up a book band too! Please continue to read lots at home. We have so many children who have achieved their white, yellow and orange Reading Karate bands. 

The Year One children continue to be superstars and we are so proud of them! Well done Year One! 

Mrs Lee- Elkins and Miss Warren 

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It's the end of a fantastic term! 

Wow- what a term! We are immensely proud of how the children have settled into life in Year One. They are such fantastic little learners.

Here are just some of the exciting events from this term... 


We have been using the book Paddington Bear to learn a range of new skills. The children have used their Vipers skills to sequence the story and created their own stories where they wrote adventure stories about Paddington going on a new adventure. We are so proud of their writing. We have seen a lots of progression, with children now using adjectives and verbs within their work. Over the last two weeks the children have been learning all about instructions. They wrote their own instructions and made their marmalade sandwiches ready for a teddy bear picnic! Thank you so much for the 50p donations towards these. We do have some pennies left over which we will save for the next big bake off! 


In Maths, we have been very busy learning addition and subtraction in 10, place value to 20 and Geometry! A lot of new skills have been explored and this will be consolidated in the New Year. Any extra opportunities for children to add and subtract in real life scenarios would be fantastic. For example adding objects within 20, when shopping or playing with their toys. The children are encouraged to start on the biggest number and count on.

We have finished our Dance scheme of work. Over the 6 weeks the children explored being different animals through movement and ways they could link the movements to develop fluency. In our final session we performed our dance in small groups and gave each other feedback.

Why didn't Paddington come to Wadebridge?
We have now come to the end of our first topic and my goodness, what a topic it has been! We started by exploring all about bears and learning about different animal groups and the food they eat. Using our knowledge of bears, we then created bear caves and a bear menu! We then learnt all about London and what makes it different to Wadebridge. We learnt about The Great Fire of London and even baked delicious bread. The children's knowledge of this historical event is amazing! We then ended the topic by writing a letter to Paddington Bear telling him about all of the wonderful features of our local town. The children learnt about the difference between physical and human features and were able to give examples. This has been a knowledge and skills packed topic and we are so proud of the children's enthusiasm! I wonder what our next topic will be?! 

Also, we cannot forget that this term the children put together the most fantastic Christmas performance. We were SO proud of them! Their dances and singing capabilities are AMAZING! Lots of the children are clearly destined for the stage! 

Have a lovely Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!

Thank you for your ongoing support, it is greatly appreciated.

Best wishes, 

Mrs Lee- Elkins and Miss Warren 


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