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Welcome to Year Two!  



Thank you for taking the time to come and look at the exciting learning that takes place in Year Two. Please have a read of this blog to find some interesting information about life in Year Two. We will keep this page updated regularly with blogs, pictures and information.


The Team

Our Year Two Team consists of Miss Beckett, Mrs Smith and Mrs Clayson in 2W and Mrs Bennett (Monday-Wednesday), Mrs Reskelly (Wednesday (PM)-Friday) and Mrs Giles in 2B And of course, our fantastic learners!


Learning in Year Two


We understand that the transition from Year one to Year Two can seem a little daunting, especially with the circumstances of the previous academic year. However, the Year Two team have been in close correspondence with the previous Year One team to ensure a smooth transition. This has included a detailed transition meeting between previous teachers and new teachers detailing where the children currently are in their learning and what their next steps are, along with friendship groups, likes, dislikes and interests. It was wonderful to spend time with both the children who were in school at the end of last year and the children who popped in for a short visit.


In September you will notice that the Year Two timetable from previous years will be slightly modified. This is to support the recovery curriculum and will allows us to review and revisit previous learning.  In line with our school values, we promote the use of the following learning skills; Find out Flamingo (curiosity), Keep going Koala (determination), Ideas Iguana (creativity), Have a go Hippo (enthusiasm) and Team Work Turtle (responsibility). Please feel free to talk to your children about these skills and how we use them in school.


Autumn Term


Writing: In writing we will be kicking off the year with the wonderful traditional tale of Little Red Riding Hood. During this term we focus on sentence structures with full stops, capital letters, finger spaces, adjectives and a developing knowledge of punctuation such as commas, exclamation marks etc. We start to develop pace and stamina to write at length as well as developing the use of joined handwriting.  

Maths: We start our mathematical journey with Place value and numbers to 100. We then start to explore addition and subtraction within 100 using resources, pictures and a formal written method.  
*Super Challenge* - With our helpful friend ‘Percy Parker’ we Begin to learn the 2s, 5s and 10 times tables.  

Reading: Once a week we will have guided reading/ whole class reading. However, this is not always recorded as it can take time away from discussions about books with the children. Each day the children will complete 1:2:1 reading as well as daily phonics and SPAG (Spelling and Grammar) lessons. In Year Two we also have other opportunities in reading which include: Applied reading, Paired reading, e-books, library sessions, audio books and shared reading with other year groups. 


Morning Routines

Each morning, we ask that the children are dropped off at the same green gate as last year (next to the Reception classrooms) between 8:35 and 8:45am. The children will then independently enter their classroom to organise their belongings and get ready for an exciting day of learning. This time of day is a busy time for teachers so we ask that any messages are passed on via the teacher on duty who will then pass the information on to the class teacher. If you have any further concerns or questions then an appointment can be made via the office. Unfortunately, due to the current situation, parents are not allowed past the green gate.


End of day routines

At the end of the day, please come to the same green gate between 2:35 and 2:45, so that we can dismiss your child to you and pass over any messages about the day. If you are ever unable to collect your child, please either phone the office or pass it on to the teacher on the gate in the morning. We will not send any child home with anyone different unless we have had a message to do so. Please remember that on a Friday, children should be picked up between 12:35 and 12:45.


Things to bring to school

Full school uniform, a waterproof coat, book bag with reading record and book, water bottle. In the summer months, please bring a hat and sun-cream. Please ensure that every item is clearly named.


PE Kit

Rather than keeping PE kits in school this term, please send your child in to school in their PE kit every Wednesday. They will then stay in their PE kit throughout the day.



Free fruit will continue to be provided in Year Two. However, if your child would like to bring their own fruit then they are more than welcome to. In order to promote healthy eating, we do ask that children only bring fruit to school.



The children will continue to receive a free school lunch each day. The menu will continue to be on the school website so please have a conversation with your child each morning about what they would like to have. Alternatively, your child is welcome to bring their own packed lunch. This term, lunches will be eaten in classrooms.


Home Learning (Homework)

At Wadebridge Primary we believe that home learning is an important aspect of a child’s education. We believe that it encourages children to realise that learning can take place outside of the classroom as well as in school. Home learning allows parents, carers and the school to work in partnership for the benefit of the children. The home learning tasks give opportunities for children to practise and apply the skills learnt in school. We do understand that children are busy bees at school and are often tired when they get home.


Reading: Regular reading (3X weekly) recorded within your child’s reading record.

Phonics booksThe books are a way for your child to revisit the single sounds, digraphs and trigraphs we learn in school.  Each digraph/grapheme has its own picture to help remember it.  The picture will also demonstrate how the letter is formed from the correct starting position.  Your child can practise their letter formation on separate sheets of paper.

Additional home learning: Your child’s class teacher will let you know about the additional home learning tasks that may be set for Year Two.

Optional home learning: We encourage the children to bring in any resources or projects linked to their current topic. For example, they may wish to go to the library to borrow books, paint a picture or build a model. The children can then share their learning with their classmates and display it with our topic display.


We know that the children often get up to some amazing things out of school too. If you have visited somewhere interesting or achieved an award (swimming, karate etc.) then please let us know! We love to celebrate all types of learning and achievements.


We look forward to letting you know more about Year Two soon and sharing pictures and learning with you.


If you have any questions, please do feel free to email us at , or  

Miss Beckett, Mrs Bennett and Mrs Reskelly 


Our Values...



We are inspired by the awe and wonder of the world.



We are bold and innovative in our approach to find new solutions to the challenges we face.



We are the best we can be.



We take responsibility for our actions in an environment of mutual respect.



We overcome all barriers to reach our potential, developing a capacity to improve further.



We are passionate about learning.

We are excited to welcome pupils in Years 1 - 6 back into school on Monday 7 September. Each Year Group has their own Drop Off and Pick Up times. Please check the Heads Blog Page for these times if you do not have them to hand.

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