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Home Learning- Year Two  

What does home learning look like?

Firstly, please remember that when it comes to ‘home learning’ we would like you to do as little or as much of this as you can- there is absolutely no pressure. We know that many of you will be working at home yourselves, trying to teach multiple children, having challenges with internet speeds etc., so please do not worry if things don't quite go to plan. If in doubt, ask your child to pick up a book and enjoy reading, do a fun Joe Wicks workout or even just go on a mini beast hunt in the garden! Learning can happen in so many different ways and through many different daily activities such as cooking, gardening, shopping etc. Whilst the children are missing education in school, we are sure that they are learning many wonderful life skills at home with you, as well as spending time with their families. After speaking to many parents recently, a phrase we heard lots was 'little and often' and this is absolutely fine! There is no pressure to complete all of the learning set. Whatever is manageable for you as a family is absolutely fine. Staying safe and happy is the most important thing at the moment.

Please be assured that our amazing team of teachers will pick up where they left off, once children return to school and everything returns to normal. In school we differentiate learning based on the needs of the children. Some teachers may be in contact with you to direct you towards the year group above/ below your child’s current year group. If for example your child is finding Maths for their year group too much of a challenge, please feel free to have a look at the year group below. Likewise, you can also look at the year above.

As we have said before – please don’t worry. Anything that you can do is super, but this is absolutely not the time to be worrying about how much you can cover. All pupils will catch up what they need to and if they need to when they are back in school and no one will be left behind or will be disadvantaged at all.

English Home Learning

Each week, teachers will be uploading a weekly English plan to your child’s class page. This will have an activity per day along with supporting resources. Please note that you do not have to print worksheets off. Your child can simply write their answers onto a piece of paper or notebook. Teachers will also be uploading weekly spelling and grammar activities (and phonics if you are in Year 1). Please also do check your child’s class page for a range of other exciting websites that have been collated for you to use. These range from teaching videos to websites that allow you to access e-books for free. In addition to the English planning, we will also upload weekly spellings that your child can learn at home. We will upload a Powerpoint teaching the rule, a list of spellings to be learnt and a word search that can either be printed or completed on the screen. 

Maths Home Learning

As you know, over the last few weeks we have been directing you to the White Rose website for maths learning. We have feedback from parents and children to say that they were really disappointed when the worksheets (which accompany the videos) were no longer freely available- we were disappointed about this too! We have made the decision as a school to purchase the ‘Premium Package’ which now means that teachers have access to the worksheets, along with some other great resources. Unfortunately, we can’t upload the worksheets to the school website but we will be sending them out via email. We will be sending the worksheets to you (via Arbor) on a Friday, ready for the following Monday. The videos, that go with the worksheets, are still freely available on the White Rose website. We hope that you continue to find the worksheets useful but please do ask if you have any questions. If you have been accessing a year below/above for your child, then please us so that we can send you the relevant worksheet.

Wider Curriculum

Please see the blog posted below about our current 'Cornwall' topic. There is a grid of activities for you to choose from that link to the 'wider curriculum' such as Science, D and T, History etc. They are just some ideas that we have thought of but please feel free to think of your own ideas linked to 'Cornwall'!


If there are things that you simply do not understand about any aspect of what is on the website, please do let us know. We want to get it right, but please understand that we are just as new to this online teaching situation as you are!

Keeping in touch 
Over the next few days we will be contacting each of you via phone call or email and then will continue to do so on a fortnightly basis. We will be calling from withheld numbers so please try to answer. In between these calls and emails you can contact your teacher at or

Us teachers are really looking forward to hearing from you and your children. You are welcome to send pictures of home learning, messages or questions via the email address.  However, as you know, many of us teachers have children of our own to look after and so may be completing our ‘work’ at a range of times. We also have other work to complete at home so may not be signed in to our email accounts. Therefore, an instant reply should not be expected but we will be in contact as soon as possible.

Also, we do really miss the children! Planning lessons for children who we aren't lucky enough to see every day isn't as enjoyable as teaching in the classroom so, please do send any pictures or ‘home learning’ to us via the email address. We would love to hear from you! All pictures emailed to us will be added to this blog. Please share these pictures with your children so that they can see what their friends are up to.

In the meantime, please stay safe.

Best wishes,

Mrs Lee- Elkins and Miss Beckett 





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Week Commencing 6th July 2020 

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all okay! 

Well done and thank you to everyone who has been sending in pictures, videos, letters, emails. It has been lovely to see what you have been up to and Miss Beckett and I can't wait to see you very soon! 

Here is your home learning for this week: 

English- This week we would love for you to write a letter to your new teacher. Please see the planning for more information. There are also some really interesting and creative ideas on the Book Trust website. There are illustration activities, reading workshops and a writing  'master class'. Thank you to Thea for sharing this with us! 

Maths- White Rose has been sent via email, as usual. Later this week I will let you know all about our next TTRS competition! 

Please do ask if you have any questions or if we can help at all.

Best wishes,

Mrs Lee- Elkins 

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Weekly Update! 

Well done for a great week Y2!

Here is a little update with Mrs Lee- Elkins sharing the English challenges, the Times Tables Rockstars results and talking about the new English challenge for this week.

Have a great week everyone!

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James' English Challenge  

James' 'Save the Ocean' Video 

Well done James for creating such a brilliant video with a powerful message. 

I know that the rest of Year Two will really enjoy watching this video :) 


Who Swallowed Stanley? English Challenge 

Who Swallowed Stanley? 

Sit back and enjoy this fantastically, brilliant play. Look out for the creative props, puppets and brilliant story telling! What a star!


Week Five: 29th June 2020 

Hello Year Two!

Thank you so much to everybody who sent in their posters, dances, songs from last week. I am currently in the process of putting together a little sharing video which I hope will be up later this week. This week, you have another exciting challenge!

English: This week is all about instruction writing. We would like you to learn about the key features of instructions and then use your knowledge to design instructions for a new game. These instructions will then be laminated and put into the Y3 playground ready to share with your friends. Please see the English planning for more information. I have also attached the spelling.

Maths: The White Rose sheets this week are all about mass. If you want to try something a little different then I have put together a Kahoot quiz with lots of arithmetic questions. The link is and password is  06877994. 

Its been great speaking to many of the children on the phone this week.

Please do let me know if you would like a call!

Many thanks, Mrs Lee- Elkins

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English Challenge Week Commencing 22nd June  

Sit back and enjoy the story ...

Please watch the video to see Mrs Lee- Elkins explain the English challenge for this week and listen to her read 'Who Swallowed Stanley?' to help inspire your writing. 

You can find more information on the blog below to help you. 

We can't wait to see your creations! 


Week Four: 22nd June 2020 

Hi Everyone!

Just above this blog you will see a video of me (Mrs Lee- Elkins) explaining your English challenge for this week along with the story that you need to help you. 

English: This week we are using the text 'Who Swallowed Stanley?' to inspire our learning. Above, you can see a video of Mrs Lee- Elkins reading the story to you. *This should be up on Monday morning- please keep checking back!* Please read the slides to find out about this weeks learning challenges. You have a choice this week from song writing to movie making! We really would like you to share your learning with us (please email it to as later in the week I would like to video a little 'sharing session' where I am going to share your wonderful creations. 

Spelling: This week you will be learning how to spell the months of the year! Perhaps you could even make your own calendar ready for 2021?! 

Maths: This week is all about length and mass. The worksheets have been emailed to you :) 

Maths Quiz: I have created my first ever Kahoot Maths quiz for you to try! Follow this link and add the code 01228143. You can then have a go at the questions, I can see your scores and I will then share the leaderboard next week. Good luck everyone! 

Times Tables Rock Stars: This week I have set a competition up between 2W and 2B. Log in and take part... I will publish the winning class at the end of the week! If you need your log in details again, please let me know! The competition starts on Monday at 10:15 and ends on Friday at 20:30. Good luck! 

Sending you lots of lovely smiles! 

Take care everyone and keep in touch.

Mrs Lee- Elkins and Miss Beckett. 

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Week Three: 15th June 2020 

Hi Everyone!

We hope that you are all okay. Before starting your home learning, I think we all need to go outside and do a sun dance. This rainy, wintery weather is horrid!

After speaking to everyone over the past few weeks, we know that the motivation to do home learning is dwindling. Its absolutely understandable that when we were in full lock down, home learning was much easier but now that 'normal life' is starting to creep back in (with people returning to work and school etc) we know that it isn't as easy. Please, please don't worry. Just keep doing as much as you can. A little bit of something each day is fantastic.

English: In light of this, I have made sure that English this week is less 'writing heavy' and the tasks should hopefully be enjoyable and quick. This week the children will be using The Rainbow Fish story. I have put the Youtube link in the planning.

Maths: Week 8 for White Rose is all about shape! The worksheets have been emailed but please let me know if you need me to send them again.

Please continue to email if you have any questions!

Take care, Mrs Lee Elkins

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Week Two: 8th June  

Hi Everyone! 

I hope you are all well! Here is the home learning for this week. As always, please do as much or as little as you can! 

English: We hope that you have enjoyed exploring nature in your neighborhood. We look forward to seeing your leaflets and posters soon, so, please feel free to email them to us.

Maths: For this week we will be following 'Week 7' on the White Rose Website all about fractions. The supporting resources have been sent out via email, as usual. 

Spelling: This week you will be learning all about homophones (you should be a whiz at these by now!) and near homophones. 

As always, please do ask if you have any questions. Just to let you know, Mrs Beckett is now teaching a small group of Year One children each day so may not be able to reply to emails as regularly. If you have any urgent questions you are welcome to phone the school to speak to Mrs Lee- Elkins or you are welcome to email her at 

Take care everyone! 

Best wishes,

Mrs Lee- Elkins and Miss Beckett 

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