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Welcome to Year 3’s Class Webpage!
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This will be updated weekly with information about children's learning, updates and resources.

As with all other year groups throughout the school, Year 3 has two classes: 3W and 3B. Mr O'Dwyer will be teaching 3W whilst Mr Langton (Mon - Wed) and Mrs Hill (Wed - Fri) will share 3B. We are very lucky indeed to be supported by Mrs Hodkinson who will be based in 3W during the mornings and Mrs Young who will support 3B. Mrs Young will also support both classes during the afternoons, leading interventions.

We realise the transition from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2 can be very daunting for children as well as parents. Whilst we endeavour to ensure consistency in teaching and learning, there are fundamental differences to the school day which you need to be aware of. These are all detailed in the PowerPoint below "Information for Parents" and we would strongly advise taking the time to look through this. Learning in School This will largely mirror and build on prior learning in Key Stage 1. We will continue to have a topic focus for the wider curriculum and this term's topic addresses the question "Did cavemen spearhead the way to modern life?" This will primarily be a History-based topic but will incorporate other subjects such as Art, DT and Science.

Children will receive weekly RE lessons which follow the Cornwall Agreed Syllabus. Reading Reading continues to be the foundation for all learning in Key Stage 2. As such we encourage you to listen to your child read at home as often as possible. This will ensure that they continue to develop fluency, vocabulary and comprehension which are all vital components of being a good reader. All children will be listened to at least once a week every week throughout the year and we will keep detailed notes in school for assessment purposes. For this reason, staff will not record a comment in your child's Reading Record but they will initial to show that they have read with them. Please ensure that your child comes to school with their Reading Packet every day. In addition to developing skills for reading, children will have weekly visits to the School Library in order to help them develop their love for reading. Children will be able to borrow any book they wish to. If you have any concerns about your child's reading or would like more information, please feel free to speak to your child's teacher.

Home Learning

As learning at home has been proven to improve children's progress by an average of at least two months, we realise this is a really important opportunity not only to ensure progress but also to provide parents with a link to their child's learning. There will be a weekly piece of homework given; this will alternate between English and Maths and will link directly with either learning that has happened in class or work that will soon happen. Spelling is increasingly important throughout Key Stage 2 and so we will be monitoring progress weekly. Please take the time to help your child learn their spellings at home; a variety of creative ways will be provided on the spelling sheet which will be sent home weekly following the lesson. A copy will also be posted on the website as we are very aware paper copies tend to go missing! Spellings will be differentiate according to your child's ability and if you are unsure about which spellings your child should learn, please speak to a member of staff who will happily advise. At the end of Year 4, children will be required to take part in statutory Times Tables Assessments and so we begin helping the children to learn their tables straight away in Year 3. It is amazing that with all the technology we have in the world today, learning tables by rote is by far the best way to ensure fluency and accuracy. The great thing about this is that you can learn them anywhere at any time; in the car, on a walk, in the shower...! In addition to this, we will be issuing a termly "Topic Homework Grid" which will focus on the wider curriculum and link directly to our topic (not just English and Maths). We value creativity and welcome any home-learning the children complete. This will always be celebrated and we very much look forward to some wonderful creations. Please keep an eye on this webpage for homework updates.

Important Days

Monday: PE and Library. Please ensure your child comes to school in their PE kit. Library books will be changed on Mondays as required.
Thursday: Spelling test and lesson. New words given.
Friday: Weekly homework (Maths/English focus).

We very much look forward to working with you throughout the year to ensure that each and every child learns, thrives and excels.

Best wishes, The Year 3 Team,

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Wonderful Week 6! 

This week, the children received a letter which stated that Wadebridge Leisure Centre may have to close!  The children were very concerned about this, so much so that they are busy learning about how to write formal, persuasive letters.  The idea is that each child sends a letter to our local MP, requesting help to keep the centre open.  If you would also like to add weight to our arguments, please follow this link:[1]3VGjxQd7sL_uNb4jSU5BjrIgn_5jDzM

You can also email your thoughts to:

In maths, the children have been learning how to subtract using the formal written method (column method with exchanging) and even solving problems using this method.  We will be refining this over the next few weeks.

In our wider curriculum work, the children have been learning about Stone Age tools and Stonehenge.  In French we have been learning colours and numbers - oh la la!

You should have received a letter with details about an Extreme Reading Challenge over the half term and Reading Karate - two very exciting and motivating ways to promote reading.  Details are attached below.  Please continue to send your child in with their Reading Book and Reading Record daily so that we can ensure they are listened to as often as possible.

Another wonderful week - we can't believe there is only one more left before half term!
Best wishes,
The Year 3 Team

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Y3 Hunters & Gatherers!

We certainly finished the week off in true Stone-Age style as Friday afternoon saw Year 3 experience what eating was like in Prehistoric times.  The children "hunted" for food (Mr O'Dwyer - pretending to be a woolly mammoth but dressed as a zebra ?!?) as well as gathering berries and lighting fires with Mrs Hill.

It really brought our learning to life and made us consider the way we source and process food nowadays - very different indeed!

Harvest Festival
Thank you to all who have sent in donations for the Harvest Festival; we will continue to gratefully receive any food items next week too

Christmas Card Designs
It has been really lovely to see all the children's wonderful designs; they really will make great gifts and keepsakes for loved ones and after this afternoon's glorious sunshine, it is hard to believe that Christmas is creeping up upon us!

How to access learning remotely:
We are uploading work to Microsoft Teams and to make it easier for you, we have organised work into weeks and then subdivided into subjects. We also post which work is needed for which days.

We understand the challenges remote learning brings and so if there are any problems, please do get in touch, we are always more than happy to help.

Homework and Spellings
This week's homework has a maths focus and compliments the learning that has been happening in school.  We are focusing on addition and subtraction and the children have been using Base 10 materials and counters to help them understand the idea of carrying and exchanging.  Knowing that not many of you will have this equipment to hand, the children are also able to draw counters or Base 10 which will also help.

Spellings are homophones and whist learning the patterns and letter order, it is really helpful for the children to understand the meaning of each word.  For example, when saying the word "heel", they need to know that this relates to the back of the foot as opposed to "heal" which means mend. They need to match the definitions to the spellings.

We hope the good weather continues and that you have a restful weekend. 

Best wishes,
The Year 3 Team

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1st October 2021 

I am sure that you all have some very tired but very happy children!  We have absolutely loved our swimming lessons this week and have all made so much progress!  A big thank you to the leisure centre for accommodating us and helping us all to be much better swimmers - something that is so important, especially where we are lucky enough to live.

This week's homework (posted below) is about "fronted adverbials" which is new learning for the children but something that they will use and develop throughout Key Stage 2.  As fronted adverbials can be used in many different ways (when, where, how, how often, how much) we will focus on different "jobs" for the next few weeks.  As always, please ask if you or your child are unsure of anything as we understand that few of us were taught this when we were at school! 

There is a "Helping Hand" version of the homework for those children who are not quite working at the Age-Related Expectation.  If you are at all unsure which version is best for your child, please ask your child's teacher.

A big thank you to those children who have been making the effort to complete homework tasks (including spellings, reading, times tables and the optional topic grid).  We know from research that when children complete regular homework, their progress increases by an average of 5 months so thank you also to parents for supporting your children with this.

Covid (!)
I know many of you are anxious given the current number of cases in and around our community.  We have spoken to the children lots about keeping safe in school and I know that Ms Whitlock has written to you all to reassure you about the procedures in place in order to try to reduce the spread of the virus. 

In school we will:

  • remain in our Year 3 bubble at all times
  • keep the number of children in corridors to an absolute minimum which at the moment means that only those who are having a school dinner can access the corridor, escorted by an adult (wearing a mask) and only at their allocated time.
  • hold virtual assemblies via Teams
  • ensure children wash their hands before play, after play, before lunch and after lunch.
  • clean tables down at every playtime.
  • keep doors and windows open: this may mean that some children get chilly.  If this is the case, they are more than welcome to wear extra layers underneath their school uniform.
  • use the outside space as much as possible.
  • ensure adults will always wear a mask when leaving the classroom and will always wash their hands before returning to the classroom.
Should your child have to isolate, we will be printing work-packs which are available from the just outside the school office and posting work online via Teams.  Please ask if you are unsure of your child's Teams log-in or let us know if you require a pack (so that we ensure enough are printed!).

The children have been absolutely amazing throughout and are very sensible.  If any child or parent is anxious, we are always more than happy to talk - please do get in touch.

Things to remember 
Please ensure all of your child's belongings are named; there have been many jumpers, cardigans and water bottles left at school with no name which, after much effort to try to relocate items with owners, have sadly ended up in Lost Property (just inside the main entrance to the school). We are aware that it is annoying when children loose things but if they are named, we almost always get them back to their rightful owners. Reading packets should be sent in every day with your child so that we can continue to hear as many children as possible read with an adult.

All that remains is for us to wish you all a very happy weekend and we look forward to seeing the children again on Monday.
Take care,
The Year Three Team

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24th September 

A rather productive week in Year 3:

The fun continued this week; the children developed their cave-painting skills, thinking very carefully about line and colour.  We even  stained the painting with tea to make our paintings look ancient.

In English, the children have really enjoyed writing their own versions of Stone Age Boy; we definitely have some budding authors amongst us.

A reminder that we are swimming every afternoon next week.  We have spoken to the children today about this and have suggested they bring in an additional snack as they may get rather hungry.  Similarly, we will encourage lots of drinking throughout the day in order to help keep up children's fluid intake so please ensure named water bottles are sent in with your child.  We are really looking forward to this and know the children will have a great time.

No PE on Monday (our PE is our swimming sessions) so normal uniform on Monday please.

Home Learning
We have been super impressed with all the reading that is taking place at home - please remember to send your child in with their reading books every day as reading is a big focus for us.

Well done to all those children who have been practising learning spellings at home; we have seen some amazing progress!  This week's spellings are posted below.

After some gremlins in the system, maths homework is now posted below!  The general maths homework for nearly all children is the PDF document (Maths 24.09.21).  The Maths Mastery is for those children who are working above Age-Related Expectations.  The children should know who they are but as always, if you are in any doubt, please contact your child's class teacher who will be more than happy to help.

We hope you have an enjoyable weekend and we look forward to lots more fun next week.

Best wishes,
The Year 3 Team

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17th September 

Lots of lovely learning!

Another wonderful week in Year 3!  The children have been busy exploring the story of Stone Age Boy (next week we will start making changes to it so that the children can write their own versions).  In Maths, we have been exploring place value ending with the children being Maths Masters; masters of their own learning.  Cave painting took place under the tables!!!!  and our second French lesson led to us having actual (basic) conversations.

Spellings and homework are posted.  If you or your child is unsure which spelling group they are in, please ask a member of staff.

Please remember the week beginning 27th September the children will be swimming every afternoon and some timings may vary from the usual school day.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

We very much look forward to next week.  Have a great weekend,
The Year 3 Team

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14th September 21 

A big thank you to those of you who attended our Meet the Teacher session on Tuesday after school; it was so lovely to see so many faces and actually in the building too!!!!
We hope you found the session useful.  I have posted the presentation on this page and I have added a page about Reading in Year 3 so please feel free to have a look.

If you weren't able to attend the session, please don't worry but do try to look through the PowerPoint "Information for Parents" and please do get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.


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