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Welcome to Year 3! Scroll down for our weekly blog 

Welcome to Year 3’s Class Webpage!
Please scroll down for our weekly blog and useful documents!

This will be updated weekly with information about children's learning, updates and resources.

As with all other year groups throughout the school, Year 3 has two classes: 3W and 3B. Mr O'Dwyer will be teaching 3W whilst Mr Langton (Mon - Wed) and Mrs Hill (Wed - Fri) will share 3B. We are very lucky indeed to be supported by Mrs Hodkinson who will be based in 3W during the mornings and Mrs Young who will support 3B. Mrs Young will also support both classes during the afternoons, leading interventions.

We realise the transition from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2 can be very daunting for children as well as parents. Whilst we endeavour to ensure consistency in teaching and learning, there are fundamental differences to the school day which you need to be aware of. These are all detailed in the PowerPoint below "Information for Parents" and we would strongly advise taking the time to look through this. Learning in School This will largely mirror and build on prior learning in Key Stage 1. We will continue to have a topic focus for the wider curriculum and this term's topic addresses the question "Did cavemen spearhead the way to modern life?" This will primarily be a History-based topic but will incorporate other subjects such as Art, DT and Science.

Children will receive weekly RE lessons which follow the Cornwall Agreed Syllabus. Reading Reading continues to be the foundation for all learning in Key Stage 2. As such we encourage you to listen to your child read at home as often as possible. This will ensure that they continue to develop fluency, vocabulary and comprehension which are all vital components of being a good reader. All children will be listened to at least once a week every week throughout the year and we will keep detailed notes in school for assessment purposes. For this reason, staff will not record a comment in your child's Reading Record but they will initial to show that they have read with them. Please ensure that your child comes to school with their Reading Packet every day. In addition to developing skills for reading, children will have weekly visits to the School Library in order to help them develop their love for reading. Children will be able to borrow any book they wish to. If you have any concerns about your child's reading or would like more information, please feel free to speak to your child's teacher.

Home Learning

As learning at home has been proven to improve children's progress by an average of at least two months, we realise this is a really important opportunity not only to ensure progress but also to provide parents with a link to their child's learning. There will be a weekly piece of homework given; this will alternate between English and Maths and will link directly with either learning that has happened in class or work that will soon happen. Spelling is increasingly important throughout Key Stage 2 and so we will be monitoring progress weekly. Please take the time to help your child learn their spellings at home; a variety of creative ways will be provided on the spelling sheet which will be sent home weekly following the lesson. A copy will also be posted on the website as we are very aware paper copies tend to go missing! Spellings will be differentiate according to your child's ability and if you are unsure about which spellings your child should learn, please speak to a member of staff who will happily advise. At the end of Year 4, children will be required to take part in statutory Times Tables Assessments and so we begin helping the children to learn their tables straight away in Year 3. It is amazing that with all the technology we have in the world today, learning tables by rote is by far the best way to ensure fluency and accuracy. The great thing about this is that you can learn them anywhere at any time; in the car, on a walk, in the shower...! In addition to this, we will be issuing a termly "Topic Homework Grid" which will focus on the wider curriculum and link directly to our topic (not just English and Maths). We value creativity and welcome any home-learning the children complete. This will always be celebrated and we very much look forward to some wonderful creations. Please keep an eye on this webpage for homework updates.

Important Days

Mondays: Library books will be changed on Mondays as required. We will have a spelling test and lesson too. New spellings will be given on this day. 
Tuesdays: PE. Please ensure your child comes to school in their PE kit. 
Friday: Weekly homework (Maths/English focus).

We very much look forward to working with you throughout the year to ensure that each and every child learns, thrives and excels.

Best wishes, The Year 3 Team,

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Plant Power!

Week Beginning 2nd May


This week we have been exploring the features of information text, and their use of formal language. The children had a go at innovating short paragraphs, ensuring they use rhetorical questions and fronted adverbials.

We had our assembly on Wednesday, in which the pupils were able to share their facts about Climate Change and the effect on living things. Thank you to parents who came, we hope you enjoyed it!


We have continued our work on fractions, and linking our knowledge of division and multiplication to solve questions. We learned how to find unit fractions of different numbers, and non-unit fractions of different numbers. Although tricky, the perseverance of our pupils was great.


We have been delving deeper into the world of plants and understanding more about the life cycle of a plant. The vocabulary we have been learning has been very scientific – children have the knowledge of Germination, Pollination, Fertilisation and more, as well as being able to name lots of parts of a plant. Mrs Hill even showed Year 3 a video of her dog creating seed dispersal by running through a field!

We have set up our comparative test with our scientific question: ‘What does cress need to survive and thrive?’ We have place cress seed in different environments with different conditions. Outside, in a cupboard, no water, and as you can see from the picture, in the staff room fridge!

Reminders: PE is now on TUESDAYS and WEDNESDAYS – please send your child to school in PE kit.
Spellings will be uploaded on Monday, and homework is below.

Please see the link below for this week's homework; unusually every stage of homework has been covered in the one document.  If your child usually completes the Helping Hand homework, you child should look at the one star level.  If they usually go for the Going for Green stage, they should look at the two star challenge and Reach for the Sky is the three star challenge.  Oh, and parents, the answers are at the end!

Have a lovely weekend!

The Year 3 Team

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Week ending 29th April 

This week we have done a lot of research into the effects of Climate Change on our environment. We explored how animals have been effected, and what Climate Change is actually about. The children have been interested in what they have discovered, and are looking forward to sharing their findings in the Year 3 Assembly on Wednesday 4th May. Parents may come to this assembly, please be outside the school office at 8.50pm ready for 8.55pm. 

Sticking with an environment theme, the children dissected parts of a flower on Thursday. This allowed them to build on previously learned knowledge and add to their flower vocabulary! No longer do they just know 'petal' and 'stem', now they know vocabulary like 'stigma', 'ovary' and 'stamen', and can identify these parts of a plant.

In Maths we have been learning about tenths, and how fractions can be turned into decimal points. 

We had our first Athletics lesson on Wednesday, and our key question is 'Does my running style change when running short and long distances?'. This week we focused on Sprinting, and learned 3 teaching points to make us more efficient sprinters.

This weeks spellings can be found below. 

Due to a timetable change and to ensure pupils have their allocated PE time per week, we kindly ask pupils wear PE kit every TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY. 

Thank you for your undertsanding.

The Year 3 Team

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Week ending 1/4/22


We started our Performance Poetry unit on Tuesday. The children worked in pairs to sequences a Roald Dahl poem – Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, then listened to a recording of Roald Dahl reading the poem to see if they had sequenced the poem correctly. We have also been looking into features of his ‘Revolting Rhymes’ and what makes them revolting. We explored the use of couplets (below) and how Roald Dahl uses these in his revolting rhymes.

Today (Friday) we watched Michael Rosen and discuss what makes him such a good performer of poetry. Watch out for lots of actions and facial expressions when we come to perform poetry next week!


We have been exploring fractions and what makes a half, quarter and third. The children are starting to become confident in identifying what a fraction looks like pictorially, as well as abstract (i.e. ¼ of 16 = ?)


We had a netball house competition on Wednesday – pupils represented their houses in teams of 5. The skills that have been developed over the last few weeks have been brilliant! Lovely teamwork and sportsmanship were on display. Well done to the Puffins who came 1st.


We have been using magnets in science and discovering what materials are magnetic, which are not magnetic, and looking into why they have a certain property. 


Nous avons appris sur les fruits en français cette semaine (We have been learning about fruits in French this week). The children then played a game on the field which really tested their french, as well as their sense of direction!

Please keep reading at home. Homework is attached below. Numbots username and passwords have been put in reading records for you to access at home. These are the same as Times Table Rockstars details. Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 3 Team


Week beginning 28th March 

Spellings for this week

Spellings are amazing!  Did you know, they can actually grow legs and walk?  We know!  It's remarkable!  We have had many reports of this happening, especially in Year 3.  In order to try to alleviate the trauma of this happening to your child, please find the spellings for this week below.  It has been scientifically proven that these electronic spellings, unlike their paper relatives, are not able to develop the ability to disappear.  Thank goodness!  Now all Mrs Hill has to do is to remember to add them to the class page every week!

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Week beginning 21/3/22 

Use the Force (and Friction!)


We finished our Matilda chapters – safe to say Year 3 are full of ideas! We made sure to include different sentence types such as Ad, same ad, similes and 3Ed sentences. Miss Trunchbull certainly hasn’t lost her meanness!


We have been exploring halves and quarters. Please find attached the homework with the answer sheet below.


We made links between the Gospel accounts and how Christians mark Easter in their communities. The children should now know why we traditionally have Easter Eggs!


PIVOT! We have been pivoting our way through netball! They children gained the knowledge of ‘why’ we pivot, giving a variety of reasons such as ‘to face out team mate’ and ‘to stop a defender intercepting a pass’. We also focused on the word ‘Possession’ and what it means within a game.


The Science just keeps on coming! This week we explored Friction, and researched what surfaces have the least and the most friction. Great teamwork and great researching. We also looked at forces and how they work with and against each other by pushing and pulling. We had a great time making paper airplanes and testing air resistance, then had a go at Tug of War which Mr O’Dwyer enjoyed more than the pupils!

Have a great weekend. 2 weeks until Easter!

The Year 3 Team

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Who needs poster paint!?


This week in English we have started to plan our own additional chapter for the story ‘Matilda’. The children have been producing descriptive paragraphs for different settings, and creating their own characters that will be having a run-in with Miss Trunchbull!

Some of the ideas for the interaction between characters have been amazing, and we are really looking forward to writing them up next week. This week’s homework is English, please find this attached below.


We have been adding and subtracting length, and looking at perimeter. It was been quite a practical week and the children have worked well together measuring objects in and out of the classroom.


We have continued to look at the Easter story. This week we wrote a diary entry from the point of view of Judas, or Mary Magdalene, and how they felt on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The children are really enjoying RE and their questioning is brilliant.


We have had quite an arty week. First we were mixing colours to match certain shades. We used primary colours to make secondary colours, and explored tinting and shading. We then took the learning outside and made natural paint from the resources around us – mud, grass, flowers. A very nice afternoon and not a pot of paint in sight!

Parent consultations next week – please book your time slot via Arbor.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 3 Team.


Week 2 of Spring 2 

Smelly Science!

Another eruption of learning this week!


We finished off our clay volcanoes by carefully mixing colours and painting them. We then made the classrooms rather smelly by using vinegar mixed with bicarbonate of soda to create a chemical reaction! We discovered that a bigger vinegar to bicarbonate ratio works best!


The children are continuing to really enjoy our English topic of Roald Dahl. This week they have written comparative sentences to discuss similarities and differences between Grandma from ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ and Miss Trunchbull from ‘Matilda’. We have also been looking closer and the features of Roald Dahl books, such as mean adult characters and his use of nonsense words like ‘Wizzpopping’ and ‘Trogglehumper’. The pupils had to read extracts from different stories and identify which were from Dahl book, and those that were not. They worked in pairs to then write reasons why they thought an extract was 'Dahl, or not Dahl!' 


We have been learning to convert measurements from mm to cm and vice versa. The children are starting to really understand how to covert measurements, and link with conversions to division and multiplication of 10.


We have been learning about the Easter story. Pupils had to sequence the story, then use ‘Freeze Frame’ drama to recreate certain scenes.


We started our Gymnastics and Netball units this week. We will update you on their progress soon!

Spellings will be sent home and uploaded on here on Monday – Homework could not be sent home this week due to printer technology not wanting to be our friend today! This will be sent home Monday and uploaded to this class page.

Have a lovely weekend!

The Year 3 team. 


Week beginning 1st March 

Roald Dahl, Clay Volcanoes, A Nursery visit... what a busy week!

We explored how malleable clay is to use, and used different techniques to make clay volcanoes. We will paint them next week so watch this space for the results!

World Book Day 2022

Roald Dahl maths challenges, redesigning Roald Dahl book covers, and plenty of reading! Our current English topic is studying different books written by Roald Dahl, so World Book Day was a perfect opportunity to to these activities! Willy Wonka (Mr Langton) and the BFG (Mr O'Dwyer) were impressed with the children's Roald Dahl knowledge! 

Nursery Visit: Our Year 3 pupils visited our nursery children on Thursday afternoon and read with them. The children were brilliant with our littlest WPA pupils and really enjoyed reading and sharing books. This was all topped off with a biscuit and a hot chocolate! Lovely!

Due to different year groups accessing Pro20 Sports Academy and a slot becoming available in the hall, we will be changing our PE day to a WEDNESDAY.

Next week we will be starting Gymnastics and Netball units. 

If your child would like to take part in the Cross Country event on Wednesday 9th, please get a form from the school office and return this by end of school on Monday 7th. Thank you!

Your child will come home with new spellings early next week. You can also check back here and find a copy of the new spellings below from Monday 7th March.

Thank you!

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Please find below work set for Friday 18th February due to the closure of WPA because of the Red weather warning. 

Attached is Maths, English, Guided Reading and French work, as well as homework that was due to be given out ready for the half term break. We understand home learning can sometimes be a challenge, so please do what you can. Maths, English and Guided Reading would be a priority.

Maths: We have been learning about tally and bar charts, and using data to answer questions. The worksheet focuses on this. If you are unable to print this sheet, please ask your child to draw out the charts, and write the answers to the questions. 

English: We would like the children to write a short Newspaper Report about the storm. Mrs Hill has recorded on the PowerPoint but this version is not available on this web page.  If you would like the version with the video guidance, please log-in to your child's Teams account.

We are so proud of the newspaper reports the children have produced this week. There is a newspaper template attached if needed.

Guided Reading: 2022 Olympics themed! Have a read of the text and answer the questions!

French: Please log in to your child's Teams account to access this activity as it is too large to upload to the web page!

Homework: Over half term, we would like the children to focus on their statutory spellings for year 3 - but be creative with it! We would like them to produce a spelling scribble (see attached homework sheet). If your child is accessing Nessy, please select the 'Helping Hand Homework' document. 

Please keep up with reading, Times Table Rockstars and Nessy (if applicable) over half term. But above all, please remain safe, and have a good, restful half term.

The Year 3 Team.  

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