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Have a look at the International Space Station! 

Make sure you check the UK times (starred).



Dear All,

In the event of the school closing, we will be sending each child home with a bank of resources and learning activities.  As we are unsure of how long the school could be closed for, we have included lots of resources. Please do as much as possible but don’t worry if you are unable to complete it all before we come back to school. Please keep an eye on this website as it will be updated in the coming weeks to ensure that you continue to have access to resources for home learning. 

Activity pack
We have included a Maths pack and an English pack. There is also an investigation for our next topic!

Additional websites to support learning

  • Twinkl are currently offering free access to parents. You can search on the website for Year Five activities and worksheets.

Maths websites

  • Please don’t forget to log in to your Timetables rock stars account!

English websites 

  • Spelling games:
  • Free access to books, games, activities:
  • Short videos and clips with discussion and activity ideas (select KS2):
  • Activities linked to books: 

We have attached a recommended home learning schedule to support you in managing your time at home with your children. As well as this, we have attached a 'Mini-teacher Topic Activity' - which will allow your children to take ownership of their own learning and choose their own topic to research.

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Year 5 had an exciting morning on Tuesday as they got to take part in a mindfulness session... we have never seen them so chilled!


Space Odyssey! 

On Wednesday, Year 5 had an exciting visit from Simon at Space Odyssey! The children went on an immersive journey through space and learnt lots of WOW facts about our current topic. It was amazing to see how enthused the children have become about space and we are excited to continue our topic after half term!


The End of a Fantastic Term 

We are finally at the end of our first term and the children are all super excited for Christmas! Across Year 5 we have completed a mini-topic on climate change. It has been lovely to see how enthusiastic the children have got about saving their planet through poetry and other forms of literature. 

Here is a peek at some of the amazing videos 5W made as part of our topic. We have been creating videos similar to 'Nature is Speaking' by Conversation International. The children have been working in pairs and it has been lovely to see such amazing teamwork. 

The Year 5 team would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. We are really proud of all of the children and the progress they have made this term. See you in January for our exciting new topic on space! 



Chinese Themed Firework Night

Year 5 hosted their Chinese firework night on Monday and despite the soggy weather, we had a fantastic turnout! Not only was there a beautiful firework display, but there was the opportunity to make Chinese lanterns, buy fortune cookies and enter the raffle; with a grand prize of setting off the firework display! Year 5 would like to say a special thank you to all the helpers that jumped in on the night, as well as the children who ran stalls and Chabba noodle bar. Thank you also to all the parents and wider community who supported the event and helped us raise money to use for our next exciting topic!


A colourful night at BikeLights 

On Saturday evening, Year 5 took part in the BikeLights procession in Wadebridge. We made a bike which encompassed both our topic (China) and the BikeLights theme (Fire and Steam): a dragon with a chimney and a carriage filled with dynamite. This was completely the children's ideas, although unfortunately the bike was quite heavy so Miss Bishop ended up riding it! Mrs Bodinnar and Mrs Orme also walked the procession with a lit up buggy!

It was nice to see children along the route cheering us on!



Year 5 have been getting excited about the upcoming BikeLights event this Saturday in Wadebridge!

Over the past few weeks, the children have had various opportunities to work with Reg (our specialist!) to create a bike which represents Wadebridge Primary Academy. All of the children brainstormed and came up with unique and wonderful ideas for our bike. This allowed Reg to create a bike, alongside the children, which was fitting with our topic (China) and this years BikeLights theme (Fire and Steam).

We hope to see as many of you as possible at the procession this Saturday, on your bikes or on foot! The more lights the better!

The procession starts at 6:45pm, although everyone is encouraged to meet at Lidl from 6pm. There are fireworks, performances and music too!

For more information: 

See if you can guess what our bike might look like from our plans!


The Willow Pattern 

Over the term we have been learning the story of the Willow Pattern. To end the unit of work the children have designed and created their own Willow Pattern style plates, using ink. 
The children used Chinese influences to create images that portray a story; either their own version of the Willow Pattern or the original version.


Ink paintings 


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