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Home Learning  

What does home learning look like?

Firstly, please remember that when it comes to ‘home learning’ we would like you to do as little or as much of this as you can- there is absolutely no pressure. We know that many of you will be working at home yourselves, trying to teach multiple children, having challenges with internet speeds etc., so please do not worry if things don't quite go to plan. If in doubt, ask your child to pick up a book and enjoy reading, do a fun Joe Wicks workout or even just go on a minibeast hunt in the garden!

Whilst the children are missing education in school, we are sure that they are learning many wonderful life skills at home with you, as well as spending time with their families. Please be assured that our amazing team of teachers will pick up where they left off, once children return to school and everything returns to normal. In school we differentiate learning based on the needs of the children. Some teachers may be in contact with you to direct you towards the year group above/ below your child’s current year group. If for example your child is finding maths for their year group too much of a challenge, please feel free to have a look at the year group below. Likewise, you can also look at the year above.

English Home Learning

Each week, teachers will be uploading a weekly English plan to your child’s class page. This will have an activity per day along with supporting resources. Please note that you do not have to print worksheets off. Your child can simply write their answers onto a piece of paper or notebook. Teachers will also be uploading weekly spelling and grammar activities . 

Maths Home Learning

As you know, over the last few weeks we have been directing you to the White Rose website for maths learning. We have feedback from parents and children to say that they were really disappointed when the worksheets (which accompany the videos) were no longer freely available- we were disappointed about this too! We have made the decision as a school to purchase the ‘Premium Package’ which now means that teachers have access to the worksheets, along with some other great resources. Unfortunately, we can’t upload the worksheets to the school website but we will be sending them out via email. We will be sending the worksheets to you (via Arbor) on a Friday, ready for the following Monday. The videos, that go with the worksheets, are still freely available on the White Rose website. We hope that you continue to find the worksheets useful but please do ask if you have any questions. If you have been accessing a year below/above for your child, then please us so that we can send you the relevant worksheet. 

Wider Curriculum

You will also find a Topic choosing grid uploaded to this webpage. There will be 12 activity ideas covering a range of subjects. Some are open ended creative tasks, and some are more structured and have supporting documents uploaded alongside them. The red font indicates where there is a supporting document. As we have said before, there is no pressure to complete all of these tasks and your feedback is gratefully received. The Topic grid will stay the same until half term at least, when we will review it based on parental feedback.


If there are things that you simply do not understand about any aspect of what is on the website, please do let us know. We want to get it right, but please understand that we are just as new to this online teaching situation as you are! You can contact your teacher at, or Us teachers are really looking forward to hearing from you and your children. You are welcome to send pictures of home learning, messages or questions via the email address. However, as you know, many of us teachers have children of our own to look after and so may be completing our ‘work’ at a range of times. We also have other work to complete at home so may not be signed in to our email accounts. Therefore, an instant reply should not be expected but we will be in contact as soon as possible.

What has everyone been up to!?

We have thoroughly enjoyed receiving your updates and photos so thank you! We thought you might like to see what your classmates have been up to. Enjoy the photos below. If you'd like to share some of your pictures, email them to the addresses above and ask your adult to write a sentence to give their permission for these to be uploaded onto the webpage. Keep up all your hard work - we are so impressed!

Best wishes,

Mrs Orme, Mrs Bodinnar and Miss Bishop

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English + Maths W/B 6.7.2020 

English: The next series of lessons look at a wonderful book about nature called 'The Lost Words' by Robert Macfarlane, it is full of vocabulary rich poems and spells to inspire you. Don't worry if you don't have a copy of the book, the PowerPoint has photos of the pages you may need.

This week will focus mainly on reading poems, performing and discussing and understanding some of the language choices.

Please note: 
Now that some of you may be back in school, the last few weeks worth of lessons will aim to be stand alone or paired lessons, so you can pick up where you left off or not worry if you miss a lesson. 

Please go to the White Rose Website as normal and watch the films for Week 11. The worksheets will be emailed to you. This week the children will be learning about Shapes.


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Maths w/c 29.6.20 

This week we are back to normal - if there is such a thing!
Please visit the White Rose website and watch the films for Week 10 w/c 29.6.20. This week the children will be learning about angles. The accompanying worksheets have been emailed to you.  
Have fun!


English W/C 29.06.2020 


Black Lives Matter has been all over the news recently, so we have used the subject to inspire this week's English.
 This week you will research some influential black people and the impact they have had on modern Britain. There's even an interesting argument as an extra activity.

We hope this inspires you to find out more about the importance of equality and diversity

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Maths WC 22.6.20 


The year 5 White Rose online programme is again, covering an area that Y5 have covered already this year and have provided alternative lessons for us for lessons 1 and 2. For these lessons, you will need to click the film links from the 'alternative plan' sent to you via email. The children will be interpreting data in tables and the accompanying worksheets will be emailed to you. For lessons 3 and 4 you will see that the alternative plan suggests you visit the bbc bitesize lessons. This is one option. The other option is to go back the White Rose website and do Lessons 3 and 4 for Week 9 which will revise how to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000. This is a really important skill that the children should revise regularly. The worksheets to go with these lessons will be emailed to you. 

As we said last week, we recommend you go to BBC bitesize daily lessons for the Friday Challenges! As always, let us know how you are getting on and shout if you need anything. We apologise for things becoming a bit more complicated recently!! 


English w/b 22.06.2020 

The final week of your Iguana's adventure ... it's time to write your story!

Follow the Power Point below and use the documents to support you.

We can't wait to read your finished stories!

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Maths w/c 15.6.20  

As we found last week, the White Rose programme is going over fractions, which the children have already covered, both in class and also at the start of lockdown online.

Therefore, as last week, White Rose have provided alternative lessons for us. They will be tackling some addition and subtraction problems and then moving onto some work on Line Graphs. I think the children will find this a refreshing change! The overview will be emailed to you, which includes the film links. The worksheets and answer sheets will also be emailed out so no need to actually visit the White Rose site this week. 

As we said last week, we recommend you go to BBC bitesize daily lessons for the Friday Challenges! 

As always, let us know how you are getting on and shout if you need anything. 


English W/c 15th June  

Here's the next week of your Iguana adventure story! This week you will be thinking about the structure of an adventure story and planning your own ideas based upon the video from last week. 

As always, be creative and use the supporting documents to help.

** There seems to be a technical issue uploading the Spelling PowerPoint, please bear with us.


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We are keeping busy at school too... here are some familiar faces!


Maths w/c 8.6.20 

If you have been following the Year 5 White Rose programme since the beginning of lockdown, you may notice that the content for this week has already been covered. However, White Rose has provided some alternative lessons for you! So actually, this week you don't need to go to the website at all but just open up the email from Mrs Orme. In the email you will find a pdf named 'Y5 Week 7 Alternative Plan'. On this file, you fill find some links to alternative films. Attached to the email, you will also find the accompanying worksheets and answer sheets (well probably a separate email as usually the files are too large!) This week the children will be adding and subtracting large numbers. Again, this is something we have covered in class. If you child finds the work straightforward and would like something more challenging, drop an email to Mrs Orme and she will send some more resources over to you. 
Many thanks for the feedback we've had on the maths this week. It really is helpful. 


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