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Welcome to Year Five!

Welcome to the Year Five Page where you will find out about the great things taking place in our classes.

We will update this page on a regular basis with information about our learning.

If you would like to contact us, please email and your email will be forwarded to us.

Home Learning: We will be sending home one piece of English and Maths on alternating weeks. These will be sent home on a Thursday and will need to be returned to your child's class teacher by the following Thursday or earlier. If your child has any questions about their homework, please encourage them to come and see their teacher who will be happy to help. An optional Wider Curriculum home learning grid will be provided each team to correspond with your child's current topic question - Please find it attached below. 

Changing Reading Books: Now that your child is in Year 5 they may begin to read longer texts therefore although we will check reading records every Thursday,  books will be changed as and when required. When checking reading records we will be looking to see how many reads your child has done, at home, so that we can award golden tickets. Golden tickets are drawn weekly in our assembly and there are great prizes up for grabs. 

PE Days: Our PE days will be every Tuesday. Please can your child come in to school wearing their PE uniform. 

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5B Class TA

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5W Class TA

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Summer 2 - Week 2 & 3 - We can't stop and won't stop! 


During Week 2, the children planned and completed their ‘Tale of Three Brothers’ poems, they used their toolkits to ensure they had included all of the appropriate success criteria. We had a particular focus on the ability rhyme, using ‘rhymezone’ to help them find words that would fit their poems best. We also took the time to edit, improve and re-draft the poems before writing them up in best. The children wrote them on parchment paper, which then went in their Star Writer books.

During Week 3, keeping in theme, the children moved onto their next learning journey, focusing on the British author J.K Rowling. The children were going to write their own narrative pieces based on the text ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone. To begin the journey, the children used their VIPERS skills to unpick chapters 1 & 2, they looked at the characters within the story and discussed what life was life was like for Harry. Using this knowledge, they planned their own chapter that could follow own. They were all given the same themes, in that it had to include Harry going to work with Uncle Vernon, Uncle Vernon being unkind and as a result something magical took place. The skill within this was to use speech to convey character and advance action.

Finally, to end the week, the children unpicked the four main features of figurative language. They used this to unpick the events that took place at Privet Drive from an outsider’s perspective.


In Week 2, we completed our negative numbers learning journey. For their final lesson the children looked at finding the difference. They learnt that when working with negative numbers you can add them in order to find the difference. To end the learning journey the children completed their end of unit assessments. We recorded the scores on our class tracker, discussed misconceptions and all children set themselves next steps.

The children then began a new learning journey of converting units. We reminded them of the things to look out for example confusing ‘Kilo’ and ‘Centi’ using the factor of 100 instead of 1,000. In the first few lessons, the children were introduced to kilograms and kilometres, litres and millilitres. We focused on the declarative knowledge e.g. how many grams in a kilogram. The children decorated their Morning Work with this information which they could refer to throughout the learning.

In Week 3, we looked at metric units, imperial units and the ended the week on units of time. Some children expressed in particular that time was tricky, any support with this at home would really help build their confidence!


Wider Curriculum

Across both weeks, it has been all about Science! During Week 2, the children completed an experiment where they explored materials that were soluble in water. The wrote out the materials they would be experimenting with and wrote a prediction using their prior knowledge. For the experiment the children then placed different solutes into the solvent water and times how long it took to dissolve.

In the following lesson, they then looked at changing the variables for example temperature. They had to state whether this would affect the rate in which the solute dissolves. “I predict that the sugar will dissolve quicker in hot water, I think this because when you put sugar in tea it almost dissolves instantly depending on the amount of sugar you put in” – Harry 5B.

In Week 3, the children then explored how mixtures can be separated by filtering, sieving, evaporating and magnets. They first learnt about each of the methods and what they are usually used for. They then made predictions and carried out the experiment e.g. Paper clips in sand, they decided to use magnets as they knew paper clips were magnetic and could be lifted out easily.

In the following lesson, the children had to then recognise and describe reversible and irreversible changes, they were presented with four problems and they had to discuss how they could reverse the change for example chocolates that melted in the sun, they suggested placing it into a mold and putting it into cold temperatures to return it to its natural state.

Important Dates:

·      WC: 8th July 2024 – Art week

·      Wednesday 10th July 2024 – Our girls can

·      Thursday 11th July 2024 – Reports will be given


    Have a wonderful weekend,

   Best wishes,

   The Year 5 Team



Summer Term 2 - Week 1 - Sun, Science and Show!


In English this week, we began our poetry learning journey. The poetry unit is based on the ‘Tale of Three Brothers’ from the Harry Potter novel. To begin the journey, the children explored the tale, discussing its themes, characters, language and tone. They discussed with their learning buddies the impact of the animation and the effects it has on the reader/listener. For the first lesson, the children then explored different perspectives, focussing on ‘Deaths’ and then created a story map to match that point of view. The story map will then inform the rest of the journey, where the children will right a narrative poem using dramatic conventions.

Next, the children explored poetic devices and began collating a range of vocabulary ready to create their poems. They thought carefully about each of the brothers and their characteristics, along with the gift they were given by death. Within the lesson, we revisited the definitions of adjectives, similes, metaphors and personification.

In the following lessons, the children will begin to structure and plan their poems, by using their VIPERS skills to unpick a range of narrative poems.


In Maths this week, the children began their negative numbers learning journey. So far, they have learnt to understand negative numbers, count through zero and count through multiples with negative numbers.

The children our confident in their negative numbers and this is due to our morning work. The children have been exposed to negative numbers previously and can now use their tools from their morning work to be successful within the lessons.

In the mornings, children are being active with their next steps, seeking help from teachers to support their misconceptions. This fab to see!

Please continue to access TTRS at home, with negative numbers, counting through multiples, the fluency in times tables is important for this unit.

Wider Curriculum

In wider curriculum the children have been scientists. We have begun by looking at materials and their properties. We carried out an experiment where we looked at a range of materials and investigated whether they were transparent, magnetic or a conductor of electricity. The children made predictions and recorded their findings within a table. To end the lesson, the children selected a material, wrote about its properties and what products it would be best used for. All of this was evidence through the experiment!

In our next lesson, the children honed in on conductors of heat and insulators. The children once again completed an experiment, they were given three cups, filled with warm water and then three materials to wrap around. They had to discover which material would keep their teacher’s tea the warmest for the longest amount of time. With a stop watch, they timed how long it took for the water to cool, checking with a thermometer.


Important dates:

·      WC: 17th June 2024 – Sports week

·      WC: 8th July 2024 – Art week

·      Wednesday 10th July 2024 – Our girls can

·      Friday 12th July 2024 – Reports will be given


Have a lovely, sunny weekend,

Enjoy the show if you’re going!

Best wishes,

The Year 5 Team 



Summer 1 - Week 5 - Innovating, researching and recording! 


In English this week, the writing genre focussed on information texts. The children read up to chapter 7 gathering information about Podkin, his siblings and most importantly the 12 gifts from the Goddess.

The children used a planning format to innovate their own gifts from the Goddess. They had to consider its name, its magical properties, its history and its current whereabouts. They used 3 of the original gifts to give them inspiration before generating their own. The plan would then provide them with notes for writing their information texts independently.

The children then began writing the introduction, here they had to provide the reader background context, what the text would be about and some information about the Goddess.

Finally, they began writing their main body of the text; this was broken down into weapons, tools, armour/clothing. For each, they had to explain information about the gifts using descriptive language.

Next week, it’s poetry where the children will explore how to use onomatopoeia.


For Maths, we continued with position and direction. The children learnt about translation, and then translation using co-ordinates in order to be more accurate. They then were introduced to symmetry, where the children had to make connections to previous learning. Using mirrors, they located lines of symmetry on shapes and identifying horizontal and vertical lines of symmetry.

On Thursday, the children then completed their end of unit assessments. Their scores were recorded and next steps/targets set.

On Friday, the children then completed their half termly arithmetic assessment. This is where the children can work towards their targets making progress in their scores!

Wider Curriculum

This week, the children were Geographers learning how to describe and understand key aspects of the water cycle, whilst outlining the impact on human geography through the distribution of natural resources.

This was a heavy research lesson, with lots of discussion and use of retrieval skills to unpick information and record key facts. The children then created a double page spread explaining their understanding of the above. They then use iPads to continue gathering data and statistics.

Next, the children then looked at natural disasters, again the recorded what they had learnt making links to the UK and other foreign countries, outlining the impact on human geography.

We’ve had a busy week, next week is the countdown to half term!

Have a lovely sunny weekend,

Best Wishes,

The Year 5 Team



Summer 1 - Week 4 - Things are hotting up! 


In English this week, the children began a new learning journey focusing on the genre ‘Myths and Legends’ and the text ‘The Legend of Podkin One-Ear’. Throughout the learning journey, the children will have the opportunity to explore a range of grammatical skills and knowledge before writing their own version of a chapter from the text.

On Tuesday, the children used their VIPERS skills prediction and inference to write a blurb. The only information they had was the contents page and a map. The children were presented with a range of WAGOLL’s to encourage imagination.

On Wednesday, the children then used their retrieval skills, where they learnt about some of the treasures from the text via an information piece. Using notes, the children then wrote two additional paragraphs, mimicking style, tone and vocabulary.

We’ve also noticed within writing lessons, the children find it tricky to edit, improve and re-draft their work. Therefore, on Thursday the children had the opportunity to improve a paragraph, continuing on from the information writing. They had to look at, sentence structures, formal language, punctuation etc.


In Maths, the children began their position and direction learning journey. To begin the journey, we introduced them to vocabulary that may appear throughout. We also used our Freya models, to discuss misconceptions and examples which the children can refer to throughout their learning.

So far, the children have looked at reading and plotting co-ordinates and then applying this when problem solving. They have also explored translation and then translation with co-ordinates. For this journey, we have also had the chance to apply our knowledge to real life scenarios.

In Morning work, we continue to revisit learning from our shape learning journey. This week, the children had the opportunity to draw angles using protractors accurately. We will continue to embed this over the next few weeks.

Wider Curriculum

In Wider curriculum, we have continued with our Art learning journey. On Wednesday, the children worked in their sketch books, experimenting with colour palettes for their Modroc animals. They decided which colours and designs words well and how to mix colours in order to generate the correct shade.

On Thursday, the children then began painting their base colours and painting the more intricate details. With the weather being so lovely, we were able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine whilst we painted. Once their animal was complete, they went back to the sketch books, writing annotations and evaluating their work.

We are going to keep hold of the animals and use them in our computing/animation project! WATCH THIS SPACE!

As always, have a magical weekend,

Enjoy the glorious weather,

Best Wishes,

The Year 5 Team 



Summer 1 - Week 3 - Healthy bodies, healthy minds, healthy hearts... 


In English this week, the children came to the end of their emotive writing, learning journey. Their main ‘Big write’ was to write a recount in the form of the letter. Within the letter, the children had to recall the old man’s time in the war, the moment he lost his friend and the time he first laid eyes on his wife. The content of the letter embedded skills and knowledge learnt across the learning journey.

Once the children completed their letters, they wrote them up into their star writer books!

Our next learning journey is based on the genre ‘Myths and Legends’ – The children will explore the text ‘The Legend of Podkin One-Ear’.


In Maths this week, we began looking at our old arithmetic papers during our carousel activity. The children had time to look at questions marked incorrectly and re-attempt them. They had support in addressing misconceptions and setting next step targets.

For the rest of the week, the children continued their shape learning journey. The morning work supported this, where the children had the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge of recognising and drawing angles accurately.

To end the journey, the children completed their end of unit assessments. They are then given their score backs and set targets accordingly.

Our next learning journey will be position and direction!

Wider  Curriculum

It was art, art and more art this week! The children began to make their insects/animals. They sculpted them using newspaper, tape and metal wire; all forming the body, head and legs.

Next, they used Modroc to protect and finalise the shape. They worked effectively to model the Modroc to fit their sculptures. Once dry, they would be ready to paint.

Some children still need to Modroc so we will continue this next week. However, the ones who were finished then went back to their sketch books to continue to develop their designs and explain their learning journey.

A special mention to Kyro and Harry who were sent to show their sketch books to Mr Wathern. These were then displayed in our shining stars assembly, WELL DONE BOYS!

Arena Health and Well-being Day

Year 5 on Friday, were lucky enough to have Arena in, to carry out a health and well-being day. The children engaged in a range of activities such as; ultimate frisbee, dodgeball, healthy eating orienteering, capture the flag and team building exercises.

We were incredibly lucky to have wonderful weather and it was great to see the children enjoying being active and working together outdoors.

We hope to have them back again soon!


Hope you have a lovely weekend,

Best Wishes,

The Year 5 Team



Summer Term 1 - Week 2 - Life is a cycle of ends and starts!


At the start of the week, the children learnt about ‘Triggers’ for flash backs. Using the video as a stimulus, they created a transition that would lead them into a flash back about the old man’s time at war. Within the trigger, the children were encouraged to use a range of descriptive language devices in order to expand their sentences. Emphasis was placed on their final sentence which would set them up for writing their flash back on Tuesday.

Next, the children wrote a detailed flash back, recalling the time where the man had lost his friend in battle. We focused on emotive writing, detailing how the old man would have felt and what he would’ve been thinking at the time.

On Wednesday, the children then looked at a different part of the video; honing in on his wife. They used similes and metaphors to describe her…

“His wife was the two pillars that held him up in his time of need” – Seb

Finally, on Thursday, the children then wrote a recount of the day the old man met his wife. The romance that poured out in their writing made us well up, they were truly beautiful across the whole cohort. The level of sophistication in their vocabulary choices were outstanding!


On Monday, we looked at a Year 6 arithmetic paper – The children had the opportunity to have a go at the different questions that could arise and made links to our pre-teaches in morning work. We marked them as a whole class and discussed misconceptions or specific questions they found tricky.

For the rest of the week, we continued our angles and shape learning journey. The children looked at classifying angles, measuring angles, angles around a point and angles on a straight line. The children will then have the opportunity on Monday to draw angles, where we will tape the tables and the children can really immerse themselves in the process.

In morning work, we have continued to go over our level 1, 2 & 3 fractions. Please do ask your children about these and continue to develop skills and knowledge at home!

Wider Curriculum

In Wider Curriculum, it was all about Science!

On Monday, the children investigated different species and their life cycles. The children were broken down into four different groups: Amphibians, Reptiles, Insects, Birds. Each group then created an information leaflet about their species. They worked together to collate facts, diagrams, stages of life cycle, titles etc. Once their booklet was complete, we shared information and findings. From here, the children then wrote about the similarities and differences between the different life cycles.  

On Wednesday, the children explored the work of well-known naturalists and animal behaviourists; David Attenborough and Jane Goodall. They completed a double page spread, researching about their work, it’s impact, why it was so important and found about their main achievements.

Finally, on Thursday, the children looked at the stages from Adult to Old age. The children completed a spider diagram about the key changes and wrote some ‘Top Tips’ from staying healthy as you grow older.  

Important Information:

·      On Friday 3rd May 2024 – The children have an Arena Health and Well-being Day where they will be completing a variety of activities such as; Healthy eating orienteering, ultimate frisbee, dodgeball, capture the flag and Zumba! *Children to come into school in PE kits as usual*

Have a wonderful weekend,

Best Wishes,

The Year 5 Team



Summer Term 1 - Week 1 - Signs of Summer! 


In English this week we began a new learning journey on emotive writing. The children are exploring the video from literacy shed ‘The Piano’. Throughout the learning journey, the children will have the opportunity to write in different genres as well as investigating and using a variety of grammatical skills.

To begin the week, the children used their VIPERS skills to explore video and look at symbolism. They were presented with a range of ideas and discussed what this could symbolise and how it enhances the image in our heads. Next, the children learnt how to extend sentences using relative clauses, adjectival phrases etc. and wrote character descriptions for the old man in the clip.

Towards the end of the week, the children learnt about amplifications and how to use a range of literary devices to create them. So far, we have seen some lovely, descriptive language. We will continue to develop our writing over the next few weeks where we will end the journey by writing a recount in the form of a letter.


Maths varied this week, we had to complete our statistics learning journey before we moved onto angles. On the Monday and Tuesday, the children looked at two-way tables and reading time tables. They then finalised the journey by completing their end of unit assessments.

Mid-week, the children then began their angles and shapes learning journey. To begin their explored degrees, lots of this learning was recalling prior knowledge from Year 4. The children were confident in their recall and made notes of the declarative knowledge for the journey in their books.

To end the week, the children were involved in their weekly carousel, for these activities the children have the opportunity to look back at their arithmetic and reasoning papers and work on areas they find tricky. Teachers and TA’s are on hand to support, show methods etc.

Well done to those children who are continuing to access TTRS at home, keep up the fab work!

Wider Curriculum

We were scientists this week…

On Monday, the children learnt all about life cycles of humans. They learnt about the different stages and recorded key facts and information. During the lesson, the children were also introduced to different animals and their cycles, where we then made comparisons, noting the similarities and differences.

On Thursday, we then moved on to ‘Living things and their habitats’, where we explored the life cycles of common plants. Here the children looked at parts of a plant, how seeds disperse, what asexual reproduction in plants is, before embarking on an experiment. For the experiment, the children would be taking cuttings of a plant and replanting them to see if their grow. In their books they made predictions on what would happen to the plant based on the knowledge they had learnt from the lesson.

Please see this week’s home learning for further information!!


What a great start to a new term,

Have a wonderful weekend as always,

Best Wishes,

The Year Five Team



Spring 2 - Week 6 - Have a crackin' break! 


It was all about poetry, this week in English. The children looked into themes of prejudice, culture and traditions and wrote a retaliation poem in response to the poem ‘The Jelabi Tree’. We were incredibly proud of the confidence they had to tackle such mature themes and they were very excited to read aloud the poems that they had produced.

Next term, we will be exploring ‘The Piano’ as a video inspiration for emotive writing.


In Maths, this week, we began our learning journey of statistics. The children have explored line graphs, drawn line graphs, interpreted data and looked at tables. The children have enjoyed finding and recording data in different ways.

We have continued to revisit and retrieve key knowledge in our morning work. After Easter we will continue to complete regular arithmetic papers and begin to introduce new concepts ready for Year 6! EEEK.

Please over the Easter holidays continue to encourage your children in accessing TTRS.

Wider Curriculum

In Wider Curriculum we came to the end of our SPACE learning journey. The children did their final loop in forces looking at friction, identifying how much friction is caused when two objects move against each other. The children used a range of surfaces testing a shoes movement; using a newton meter to measure the force.  The children then recorded their findings in a bar chart, they then wrote conclusions using the key vocabulary from the lesson.

We have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about SPACE and look forward to our new learning journey of ‘Changes’ after Easter. WATCH THIS SPACE…

Easter Extravaganza

On Thursday the children were involved in an Easter fundraising event for Little Harbours children’s hospice. They had a go at a range of different activities in an obstacle course. The children donated, came in own clothes and had so much fun, all for a wonderful cause.

PE for next term has changed to a Friday and we will be looking at Athletics - Track and Field events. 

Have an EGGcellent Easter,

Best wishes,

The Year 5 team  



Spring 2 - Week 5- Recounts, Resistance and Rhythms!


This week in English, we are coming to the end of our learning journey. At the start of the week, the children began to plan their recounts. The recounts were written from Xok the shark’s perspective. In the recount, they had to capture what it would have been like for him captivity and give a detailed recall of the key events. In the plan, the children noted phrases and vocabulary that they could later use in their writing. The children got out thesauruses to upskill their phrases and enhance the emotions they had selected.

For the rest of the week, the children wrote their recounts. They used all of their skills and knowledge from across the journey to write their final piece. The children were able to write descriptively and used stylistic devices to enhance their descriptions. Towards the end of the week, the children then had the opportunity to edit, redraft and improve their work. They then filled out their toolkits, assessing themselves against their success criteria.


In Maths, we also came to the end of our area and perimeter learning journey. The children showed off their learning in their end of unit assessments. However, some of the children found these quite tricky and this is where Mrs Callister and I decided we would need some consolidation.

With Mrs C and her fantastic art skills, a double page spread of area and perimeter questions was created. The children at their own pace worked through the questions. Here they were able to ask of support in addressing misconceptions. We will also continue to embed this content in their morning work.

At the end of the week, the children then completed their PUMA maths assessment. This is an opportunity for the children to demonstrate what they have learnt across the term. The children enjoy looking at their progress from autumn term and from this information set themselves targets.

Wider Curriculum

In Wider Curriculum we got wet and wild investigating water resistance. In the lesson, the children carried out an experiment, exploring how different shapes/surface areas can have didn’t levels of water resistance. The children were given balls of clay, where they formed a variety of shapes. They then checked their controlled variables before dropping the clay into water. With an iPad they timed which shape sank to the bottom the quickest, therefore having the least amount of water resistance. The children wrote out their methods, made predictions, recorded their results and wrote conclusions on their findings.

Music Performance

On Wednesday 20th March 2024, the children performed their Brass Performance to all of the parents. We were so proud of our children, who got up there and until the lessons, had never played a brass instrument before. We would also like to say a huge thank you to Tony, our music teacher, who guided the children through their lessons and their wonderful performance!

Important Dates:

·      Parents evening - Tuesday 26th/Wednesday 27th March 2024

·      Easter Extravaganza – Own clothes! - Thursday 28th March 2024 

Have a wonderful weekend, 
Best Wishes, 
The Year Five Team 


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