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Dear All,

In the event of the school closing, we will be sending each child home with a bank of resources and learning activities.

These will only be sent out when we are officially asked to close schools. As we are unsure of how long the school could be closed for, we have included lots of resources. Please do as much as possible but don’t worry if you are unable to complete it all before we come back to school.

Activity pack

We have included a maths pack, a writing pack and a reading pack. 

Please follow the instructions given.

Additional Topic Ideas

As you know, this term we have been learning all about WW2. Your child could choose to research: The Eastern Front (German battles with Russia), Pearl Harbor and the introduction of the Americans to the War or D-Day.  

Please don’t forget to log in to your Timetables rock stars account!

Twinkl are currently offering free access to parents. You can search on the website for Year Six activities and worksheets.

These websites are great for games:

This website is a great place to help you keep active!

An excellent website we have been using for spellings is called Spellingframe. It teaches the year 5 and 6 spellings as well as tests.

Science resources can be found at - it is free but you need to create your own account.

SATs papers is a free website containing all previous SATS papers. Testbase in another website which has lowered its paywall to help with home learning.

Downloadable Resources

Below we have uploaded additional resources which can be downloaded from this page. Maths: Arithmetic and Reasoning. English: SPAG resources. Reading: Booklet, answer sheet and mark scheme.

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The second hand is the third hand! 

Telling the time can be a tricky thing. As the great Dave Allen said. 'You have hands on the face. The one means five, the three means fifteen and the six means half' - no wonder it can be confusing. This week we are learning:

The difference between written time and the rhetoric of time. 
How difference between an analogue clock and digital
How to use 24 hour time
Solve reasoning problems using time

Make the time to take the time - K. Callister - Joie De Vivre


It's all in the past. 

Bombs Away!!!

Our history topic this term is WW2. We began by looking at the build up to WW2; discussing the complex end of WW1 and the political consequences for Europe. We then looked at the German tactic of Blitzkrieg and how this was a shock to the defending French and  British troops. Next week looked at the 'miracle' of Dunkirk and discussed the bravery of the fishing boats who volunteered to rescue British troops from the jaws of Defeat. This week we are researching 'The few' who gave so much to defend the British skies in the Battle of Britain.

In English we are writing WW2 stories using Grandpa's Great Escape as our inspiration. The pupils are taking the original story (about a Spitfire pilot) and reinventing it as a tank or navel story. The skills we are focusing on are: juxtaposition using sound, simile and shifts in formality - using letters from home.

- Tally Ho! Cpt Smith


Letters and information 

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Thanks to all of you who are coming to London for getting your deposits in. Now that we have confirmed numbers, it means that we can get booking our activities. So far we have secured our accommodation, travel,  musical and Harry Potter studios. With these big events in place, we can fit in our other great activities. The children are already excited and are talking lots about the trip. Keep your eyes peeled for any future updates. 
Joie De Vivre - KC


Using Maths in proportion! 

We started the week channelling our inner Harry Potters! We used 'specialised potions' to look at how we convert between ml and L and then used these skills to convert between g and Kg and vice versa. Following this, we began to look at ratio and proportion. WW3 broke out between the girls and the boys which instigated some very interesting ratio based question. We are yet to find out, who came out on top!



We began the week looking at the hidden levels and skills involved in order to help us solve our fraction decimal and percentage problems. The children have been great at articulating which level it is that they have mastered and then further to that the level/skill they are stuck on. This has seen us make great head way in these areas and the children are already excited to show off what they have learnt in their next arithmetic paper. We are so pleased with the children's positive attitude towards their learning and are excited to look at the next topic.

Next we are looking at Percentages OF and OFF an amount so the children will be ready for the Christmas sales!!


English Writing 

This week we have been writing our comparison reports. After looking at the Battle of the Teachers (Mrs Callister vs Mr Smith), it was turn for the pupils to write their reports. We decided to reignite the ago old battle between Pirates and Ninjas. Pupils picked a side and debated the merits of each with Pirates winning when it comes to fashion sense and Ninjas winning when comparing training and weapons. We all know that if you want to party then Pirates are the obvious choice where as if you want a quiet night in then Ninjas are much more accommodating. The pupils have written their reports and picked a side. 

Next week we are looking at spooky stories - so be prepared for a scare.



Welcome to Year 6! We are really excited to get going with our current classes. We have enjoyed getting to know the children in the first weeks. Our maths focus has been on calculation and times tables. Our English topic is Frankenstein. The children are busy working to invent their own take on the story.

For homework the pupils have been asked to use the flashcard technique to learn their times tables. Also we are asking children to access Spellingframe to enable them to practise their spellings.

Important information: Swimming is Tuesday and Thursdays, P.E. is on a Friday. 


Our Values...



We are inspired by the awe and wonder of the world.



We are bold and innovative in our approach to find new solutions to the challenges we face.



We are the best we can be.



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We are passionate about learning.

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