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Healthy Schools Lead

As the Healthy Schools lead here at WPA, I aim to provide children and their families with information and support about the importance of health and wellbeing. Due to the specific and individual needs of children in the early years, Little Bridges Nursery are additionally working towards the Healthy Under 5's Award (HU5's) where health promotion can be tailored to younger children. Each month I will be sharing a newsletter with you covering the main areas of health and well being with top tips, activities and support for you at home. 

Healthy Lunchbox

Primary school age is a time when children adopt eating habits that will last a life time. Therefore, it is important that you as a parent/carer, instill a positive view on healthy food choices.

You can provide daily opportunities to improve your child’s diet by preparing a varied and healthy lunchbox. Not only will it have a positive impact on your child’s physical heath, but it will help them to maintain attention in lessons and sustain their energy for the day.

Please visit for a handy tip sheet about how you can provide a healthy lunchbox for your child.

These websites also give lots of ideas to get you started and handy apps to find out what is really in your food

Getting back into routine

As we think about going back to school, we need to make sure our children are eased back into routine and this starts from home. Below are some very useful websites to give you advice and strategies on issues like bedtime, getting enough sleep, eating well and transitioning back into school life.

Healthy eating is central to ensuring optimum physical and mental health and poor diet quality is contributing to the increase in childhood obesity, physical and mental ill-health, and tooth decay. In addition, there is an increasing weight of evidence that indicates health directly affects school performance and educational outcomes. The school is committed to the health and wellbeing of the children in our care and our recommendation for all children is that they are provided with nutritious food every day and are provided with a positive nutritional environment in which to learn. Wadebridge Primary Academy aims to educate our children with the skills, knowledge and understanding to enable them to make informed healthy lifestyle choices particularly at  lunch time and snack time.

Please see the documents below for useful tips on healthy lunchboxes and portion sizes.  



View the following documents within your web browser or download to read later

Healthy Lunchboxes.pdf
Healthy Lunchboxes.pdf



Portion sizes 9m-6y.pdf
Portion sizes 9m-6y.pdf


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