Starting Reception

Welcome to Reception 2020/2021

We are delighted that your child has been offered a Reception place at our wonderful school for September.

For those of you whose children already attend our Nursery; thank you for continuing your journey with us, and for those who are new to our school; we welcome you. We are a thriving community and we are very excited to welcome you to our school. We look forward to your child starting their schooling with us in September and getting to know them as the wonderful individuals that they are!

As a school, we are committed to smooth and timely transitions that allow the children to settle in, get to know their teachers and make new relationships with their friends. We fully believe that parents and carers play a key role in this transition so that you too can feel reassured that your child is safe and happy. You will be receiving a letter very soon which will set out our transition plan so that you know exactly what to expect in September. Our extremely experienced Reception Team have been hard at work creating videos and welcomes for you all to look at both now and over the holidays, so that you will know who is who on that first day.

We have made the decision to complete home visits in the first week of the Autumn Term so that you get to know us and we get to know about a bit about you too. This is a vital part of our transition and we did not want to lose it, so we have added into the beginning of our programme for September. You will be able to sign up for a visit when you come in for the parent welcome presentation.     

In the meantime, however, please feel free to browse our school website and perhaps even follow us on Facebook (Please search for Wadebridge Primary Academy).

As mentioned in my welcome letter back in April (seems an age ago!), Cbeebies have also put together some wonderful resources that can be used to help prepare your child for school. They are worth a look as they really do help make it seem real; something that is exciting and not daunting.

We can't wait to meet you all. Stay safe and keep well.

Rebecca Whitlock 
Headteacher, Wadebridge Primary Academy

Parent Questionnaire

Hopefully you have all received your transition packs that include a paper copy of the 'Starting School Questionnaire'. We are looking forward to learning lots of information about the children who will be starting with us next academic year.  

If you would prefer to complete this form electronically, then please download the attached 'Parent Questionnaire' document that can be found at the bottom of this page. Once completed, this can be returned to us by email via the school office at

Please could you return your completed questionnaires to us either by post or email by Monday 8th June. 

Starting School Booklet 

Please find an electronic version of the 'Starting School Booklet' that you would have received in your transition packs at the bottom of this page. 

Meet the Reception Team 

We can't wait to meet you!
In the meantime, here's some information about us so that you can get to know all about your new adults before you start school. 

Miss Davies- Class Teacher

Miss Davies’ favourite things are: walking my dogs Teddy and Rolo, singing & dancing and eating chocolate!

Miss Davies’ favourite book is: Supertato! That sneaky little evil pea…..

Miss Davies’ favourite activities are: art, music and reading.

Miss Davies can’t wait to meet everyone and learn some awesome dance moves together! 

Miss Miskowicz- Class Teacher 

Miss Miskowicz’s favourite things are: riding my beautiful horse, cooking and going on trips and adventures!

Miss Miskowicz’s favourite book is: I want my hat back. I wonder what happened to that rabbit….

Miss Miskowicz’s favourite activities are: storytelling, phonics and wake and shake/ PE.

Miss Miskowicz can’t wait to meet all of you and start our Reception adventure together! 

Mrs Johnson- Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Johnson’s favourite things are: walking on the beach, eating cake and spending time with her daughters.

Mrs Johnson’s favourite book is: Whatever Next.

Mrs Johnson’s favourite activities are: dough disco and exploring outside so she can go on a bear hunt!

Mrs Johnson can’t wait to meet you all and have lots of fun and giggles together!  

Miss Taylor- Teaching Assistant 

Miss Taylor’s favourite things are: spending time with my family, playing cricket and exploring the local beaches and moors.


Miss Taylor's favourite book is: The Gruffalo - both my kids loved it!


Miss Taylor's favourite activities are: art, maths and P.E.


Miss Taylor can’t wait to meet everyone, and is excited about exploring all the fun topics that are planned.

Story time with Miss Davies

Sit back and enjoy Miss Davies reading the story 'The Singing Mermaid' by Julia Donaldson. 

Story time with Miss Miskowicz

Enjoy a special story time with Miss Miskowicz reading 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy. 

Story time with Mrs Johnson

Enjoy listening to Mrs Johnson read 'The Slightly Annoying Elephant' by David Walliams. With permission of HarperCollins Children's books.

Story time with Miss Taylor

Sit back and enjoy Miss Taylor reading 'Tiddler' by Julia Donaldson.

A day in the life of Reception!

Please watch and enjoy our video of a day in the life of Reception..... 

Whilst some of the routines that you may see will look slightly different in September, hopefully this video will give you a taster of what it is like to be in our Reception classes and what a fun day filled with lots of learning you will have! 

Getting ready to start school... 

We understand that starting school this year might feel a little bit different at the moment! We appreciate some children would not have been in a Nursery environment for a long time and we will be reviewing and adapting our transition in September to reflect this. We will be in contact with more information regarding starting school when we have received appropriate government guidance on schools returning in September.

In the mean-time, here are some suggestions of activities that you can be thinking about with your child to start to introduce the idea of starting school to them. There are also some important aspects of health and self-care that you can be developing and ensuring are in place if needed.

• Start to consider ways to introduce the idea of starting school to your child through books, stories and TV programmes.

• Talk to your child about what school will be like and the sorts of things that they will be able to do.

• Start making a list of the things that they enjoy doing and experiences that they have had over the last few months for you and your child to share with their new teacher.

• Start to make a list of questions that you are thinking about for September so that you can ask the new school.

• Consider including a walk past the school entrance on the main road as part of your “lockdown exercise”.

• Ensure your child is toilet trained /able to use the toilet independently – check out ERIC for more information and resources

• Think about ways that you can help your child to be a little bit more independent, it might be to recognise their coat or to wash their hands by themselves. Use this extra time they are with you at home to teach them new skills within dressing and toileting routines. Perhaps there are things that you automatically do for them that they are now developmentally ready to do for themselves?

• Check your child has had all their immunisations before starting school.

• If your child has Asthma or any other health condition that requires medication talk to your GP or Practice Nurse about managing this in school, and if medication is needed in school or if school may need to intervene at any point that a care plan is required.

• If Health Visitor or School Nurse advice is required ring the Client Advice Line 01872 322779 or email

• If you need individual help and support look up Early Help on the Together for Families Cornwall Council website to self-refer or talk to your Early Years setting to help you with this.


View the following documents within your web browser or download to read later

Parent Questionnaire.docx
Parent Questionnaire.docx
Starting School Booklet.docx
Starting School Booklet.docx




Our Values...



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