Our Maths Policy 


At Wadebridge Primary Academy our intent for Maths education is to foster a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and develop confident, creative, and resilient mathematicians. We aim to provide a curriculum that not only meets the requirements of the National Curriculum but also goes beyond, ensuring all pupils achieve their full potential and become lifelong learners in Mathematics.


We implement a mastery approach to teaching Maths, ensuring all children have a solid and deep understanding of each mathematical concept before moving on. We use high-quality, carefully chosen resources that support the teaching of mathematical fluency, reasoning, and problem-solving. 

Our curriculum is specifically designed to ensure progression and depth of understanding across the year groups, building on prior knowledge and skills. It includes carefully sequenced learning objectives taken from the White Rose small steps, enabling pupils to make connections between different areas of Maths. We promote the use of concrete manipulatives, pictorial representations, and abstract thinking to help children visualise and understand mathematical concepts. 

At Wadebridge Primary we draw focus to daily Maths Morning work. Maths morning work has proven to have a profoundly positive effect on children’s fluency in mathematics. This daily routine serves as a crucial bridge between prior lessons and current objectives. It not only addresses misconceptions that may have arisen in previous lessons but also allows children to build on their declarative knowledge and foundational skills from both current and previous years. One of the most beneficial aspects of Maths morning work is the way it fosters a collaborative and open learning environment. Each morning, the whole class engages in discussions about their approaches to solving problems and shares anecdotes about their thought processes. This dialogue creates an ethos that it’s acceptable to make mistakes and emphasises the “Power of yet” – the belief that with persistence and effort, they can overcome challenges and improve. 

Furthermore, the morning work routine offers children the opportunity to revisit their previous mistakes. They can review their work with a learning buddy or an adult, enabling them to identify errors and gain a deeper understanding of the underlying concepts. This process of reflection and correction not only reinforces their learning but also instils a sense of responsibility for their own progress. 

Here at Wadebridge Primary, we also complete a times table session weekly. As the children progress through their mathematics education, the benefits of mastering times tables become increasingly evident. Practicing times tables religiously serves as a solid foundation upon which they can build their mathematical knowledge. It empowers them to quickly recall facts, giving them a head start in tackling various mathematical challenges. 

In essence, the times table carousel serves as a crucial stepping stone towards mathematical fluency, enabling the children to excel across all aspects of the subject and paving the way for their success in the Year 4 times table assessment and beyond. 

Our highly skilled teachers have a deep understanding of Maths and are continuously developing their subject knowledge and pedagogy. They deliver well-structured lessons that are engaging, challenge all learners, and provide opportunities for pupils to actively participate in their own learning. Teachers use effective questioning techniques to promote reasoning and mathematical thinking amongst pupils. 

We recognise that every child is unique and has different starting points. Our Maths provision is tailored to meet individual needs through carefully planned scaffolding and adaptation. We provide appropriate support and challenges, ensuring all pupils are sufficiently stretched, and develop their mathematical abilities to the fullest extent. 

Our learning environments are thoughtfully organised to promote mathematical thinking and allow for collaborative work. Displays showcase pupil work, including problem-solving strategies, misconceptions, key vocabulary and their journey towards achieving mastery. We make use of technology where appropriate, such as interactive whiteboards, tablets, and educational software, to enhance learning experiences.


Our Maths provision helps pupils develop confidence and resilience in problem-solving, reasoning, and mathematical communication. They approach challenges with enthusiasm, showing perseverance when faced with complex problem-solving tasks. Pupils are empowered to take risks, make mistakes, and learn from them, fostering a growth mindset in Mathematics. 

With the fidelity to White Rose and our consistent approach, we have seen significant improvements in both attainment and progress across most year groups. Pupils are beginning to show a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and are starting to apply their skills in a range of contexts confidently. 

The effective use of vocabulary in Mathematics is undeniable paramount in fostering a rich and robust learning environment. In our pursuit of excellence, we recognise that mathematical literacy is not solely about numbers and equations; it is equally reliant on well – developed mathematical language. The precision and clarity of mathematical language allows our children to articulate their thought, solve complex problems, and communicate their reasoning effectively. By nurturing a strong vocabulary foundation, we empower our students to unlock the doors to mathematical fluency, enabling them to grapple with abstract concepts with confidence. The emphasis that we have placed on vocabulary equips our learners with the tools to decode mathematical problems, enhancing their problem – solving abilities and fostering deeper understanding of the subject. 

Our outstanding Maths provision inspires a love for Mathematics amongst pupils. They are enthusiastic learners who actively participate in lessons, enjoy exploring mathematical concepts, and develop a curiosity for discovering patterns and relationships. Pupils are motivated to independently explore mathematical ideas beyond the classroom, leading to a lifelong interest in Maths.



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Addition and subtraction calculation policy July 2022 v2.pdf
Addition and subtraction calculation policy July 2022 v2.pdf
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Multiplication and Division calculation policy July 2022.pdf




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