Our Curriculum


We teach phonics using Letters and Sounds. Phonics is taught daily in Early Years and Key Stage 1. This is followed in Key Stage 2 by regular spelling lessons using a whole school scheme of work. 



 Pupils are encouraged to read daily in school and out of school. In school all pupils are taught the skills of reading using VIPERS (Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explanation, Retrieval, Summarise/ sequence). We have a library that pupils can access to explore and enjoy books. Most importantly - we want pupils to enjoy reading. Please see Reading documents below for further details. 


 We believe it is important for pupils to have something engaging to write about and to have a purpose; therefore we try and use the wider curriculum as our stimuli for writing. We teach SPAG as part of every lesson to build children's understanding of grammar and punctuation. Please see English documents below for further details. 


Our WPA Maths curriculum builds knowledge and skills through fluency activities, reasoning and problem solving.  To compliment our maths curriculum we use 99 Club which is carried out regularly to develop number bonds, times table facts and mental arithmetic. Please see documents below for more information about Maths at WPA.

Wider Curriculum 

Teachers choose enquiry based Topics using intimate knowledge of their class and the children take control of the enquiry through their further questions. The skills progression ladders for each subject form the basis of our coverage of objectives, allowing teachers to monitor and ensure a broad, rich content. Teachers use the skills ladders to guide their planning alongside the questions generated by the children which shape the enquiry. Topics have real life outcomes which real audiences which give the learning journey purpose and ensure that it is meaningful for the children. Pupils' progress against the skills taught is recorded on the ladders and passed on to the next class teacher at the end of the school year. Visitors and trips enhance the curriculum and are used to provide first hand experiences which help support real life outcomes. Children feedback on their Learning Journeys to staff, guardians and Governors; ensuring that they are key drivers for improvement. Leaders review the curriculum regularly using pupil's work, progression ladders and pupil conferencing to ensure it remains language rich, diverse and develops the whole child.

Outdoor Learning 

We believe that every child should experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of learning and personal development. The outdoor environment has massive potential for providing learning opportunities. At WPA, our learning programme aims to foster self-esteem, independence, resilience, co-operation, personal responsibility, autonomy and motivation, as well as a deeply personal knowledge, respect and care for our environment.

The journey through education for a child at WPA will include a series of planned, quality outdoor learning experiences. Learning outdoors is part of our wide range of practical approaches to developing skills. Opportunities for outdoor learning exist within and across all curriculum areas and help to develop personal and social skills, communication, problem solving, thinking skills and teamwork, as well as English, mathematics and all other curriculum areas.


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Homework Policy September 2020.pdf
Homework Policy September 2020.pdf


Our Values...



We are inspired by the awe and wonder of the world.



We are bold and innovative in our approach to find new solutions to the challenges we face.



We are the best we can be.



We take responsibility for our actions in an environment of mutual respect.



We overcome all barriers to reach our potential, developing a capacity to improve further.



We are passionate about learning.

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