Global Neighbours

We want to empower the next generation of agents of change!

Global Neighbours is an exciting school accreditation scheme. In partnership with the Church of England’s Education Office, we want to encourage a deeper understanding of global injustice and equip our pupils to tackle this and become courageous advocates for change.

The Global Neighbours accreditation scheme will be verified by the Church of England Education Office and will consist of three levels - bronze, silver and gold. This year, we will be working towards the bronze award, To achieve accreditation, schools will demonstrate how they are fulfilling criteria relating to:

school leadership
teaching and learning
collective worship and spiritual development
pupil participation in active global citizenship
community engagement

How will schools benefit from the scheme?

Global Neighbours provides a framework for thinking about global citizenship education in schools. It provides ideas for curriculum and collective worship activities to enable us to weave a global perspective into our current curriculum provision, which will support us in helping young people to become active global citizens.

The scheme aims to increase pupils’ understanding of the root causes of poverty and injustice, as well as engage and empower pupils as agents of change in the transformation of our world.

By helping pupils to claim their voice as global citizens, participation in the scheme will support our school to develop and showcase our work in helping our pupils to become active global citizens and courageous advocates for change in the world, from a local to global level.



Our Values...



We are bold and innovative in our approach to find new solutions to the challenges we face.



We are inspired by the awe and wonder of the world.



We take responsibility for our actions in an environment of mutual respect.



We are passionate about learning.



We are the best we can be.



We overcome all barriers to reach our potential, developing a capacity to improve further.

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