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Looe Primary Academy   Year 5 SN activity week

Posted 07/07/2022
by Samantha Newcombe

Year 5 SN activity

With the Year 4s out and about this week the Year 5s have been being creative. Some outdoor creative art, designing, making and evaluating Roman shields and purses and on Friday a beach day :-) We hope you like our pictures.


Delaware Primary Academy  

Posted 07/07/2022
by Rebecca Marshall

Cotehele Trip - Wednesday 6th July 2022

Take a look at the photos of our fabulous day out at Cotehele. We enjoyed a wonderful walk from Calstock to Cotehele followed by exploring this incredible National Trust House and Gardens. After this we took a walk down through the woods to the Old Mill and set up for a picnic and a play in the river before walking back to the minibus and heading back to school. It was an excellent day making memories and enjoying our beautiful locality. We are so lucky to have this special place on our door steps. 


Polruan Primary Academy  

Posted 06/07/2022
by Jane Wills

Summer Reading Challenge

The Reading Agency has today announced that the theme for this year's annual Summer Reading Challenge is 'Gadgeteers'. The Reading Agency is partnering with Science Museum Group to inspire children across the country to feed their imagination over the summer holiday, with a reading challenge focused on science and innovation.

Children will be able to join six fictional characters, the ‘Gadgeteers’. The characters use their curiosity and wonder to understand the science behind a whole range of interests from fashion and technology to cooking and music
How the Summer Reading Challenge works:
Children can complete the Challenge by reading whatever they like in their chosen format: • fiction • fact books • poetry • joke books • picture books • graphic novels • audio books • eBooks

Children sign up at their local library or online and read 6 library books of their choice to complete the challenge.

There are rewards to collect along the way and there's a certificate for everyone who completes the Challenge.

Click the link to find out more: Summer Reading Challenge 

It would be lovely to have as many children as possible from Polruan joining this year's challenge.
Mrs Wills


St Cleer Primary Academy  

Posted 06/07/2022
by Jenifer Kite

I would like to say a HUGE well done to all of the Year 6 children for their amazing efforts and achievements this year. As I am sure the children have shared with you, yesterday we received the end of KS2 SATs results which were shared with the children. Everyone worked incredibly hard and all the adults at St Cleer are very proud of all the children. These results will also be sent home in the end of year reports. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

As we approach the last few weeks, the children continue to amaze us each day with their enthusiasm and determination. Over the last few weeks the children have been working hard on their cushion designs and the printing process has begun; they are already looking super (see some pictures below). We are determined to get these finished by the end of the term and will be looking for some parent helpers to support us with sewing the cushions together on Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th July. Please drop me an email if you are able to help with this.

On Monday 11th July, we have our sports day event. Children come to school wearing their team colours, a sun hat, sun cream, trainers and lots of water. 


Looe Primary Academy   Sewing

Posted 05/07/2022
by Laura Yeo

This week we are designing a hand puppet, focussing on a combination of stitching techniques. Today we had a go at running stitch and back stitch.


Delaware Primary Academy  

Posted 05/07/2022
by Margaret Wood

W/b 27th June

This week in Literacy the children continued their investigation work on whether or not Tutankhamun was killed. They wrote a letter to the British museum to talk about the artefacts the had learnt about and looked into the possible theories behind Tutankhamun's death. 

In Math they continued their work on simplifying and equivalent fractions. 

During Topic this week the children watched a video on the River Nile and then researched, using books and websites, why the River Nile was so important back in Ancient Egyptian times. They discovered some fantastic facts.

In PE this week the children took part in an Olympic sports morning. They worked in their school team colours and completed activities such as fencing, sprint races and javelin throwing. The children had a lot of fun. 

Next week we will be starting our sponsored laps of the field!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Delaware Primary Academy  

Posted 05/07/2022
by Margaret Wood

W/b 20th June

In Literacy this week we continued work on our new class book "Was Tutankhamun killed?" which connects to our topic learning on Ancient Egypt. This is an interactive non-fiction e-book which allows the children to take on a detective type role and encourages them to gather facts and research to help them answer the question 'Was Tutankhamun killed?' This week we also looked at the newspaper report from last week that had been written about Tutankhamun's potential murder. The children worked in groups to recap and freeze frame given parts of the article and the rest of the class guessed which parts they had been given. They then summarised the article into different boxes to help plan for next week when they will re-write the article in their own words. 

In Maths we continued our work on fractions and the children completed lots of different activities to help them consolidate this new concept. 

In Topic the children began looking at different artefacts from Ancient Egypt and filled in a fact sheet about a given artefact. They used information books and researched on websites after thinking about what the artefact may have been and what it may have been used for along with who may have owned it.

In Art the children created their sunset silhouette paintings. They first painted their sunsets and then used black paper to draw and cut out silhouettes of significant Egyptian monuments. Once their paintings were dry they arranged and stuck the silhouettes on.      

On Tuesday afternoon the children took part in the Bridge School Games. They completed several different activities such as the 'bean bag boogie', 'long jump' and the 'seated bean bag throw'. All of their results were then sent to the Bridge Trust and the school with the highest scores will be announced soon!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Gunnislake Primary Academy   The Donkey Park!

Posted 04/07/2022
by Claire Martin

We had such a brilliant day at the donkey park on Friday 1st July. The children were all fantastic and really enjoyed playing on all the inside and outside equipment. They also loved meeting Nick the guinea pig and they really enjoyed grooming the donkeys!


Brunel Primary and Nursery Academy  

Posted 04/07/2022
by Sara Mckillop

w/e 1/7/22

This week we have enjoyed finishing off our Guatemalan worry dolls! A lot of work has gone into these creations: We had to design the clothing, design the pattern fir the fabric, use wax to transfer it to our fabric (this is called batik), let it dry, paint it, remove the wax, paint it again (because Mrs McKillop washed all the colour out by accident in her washing machine!), create a pattern, cut the fabric, make the clothes, make the doll [spoon!] and dress the doll! It took a lot longer than we thought it would but we are so incredibly happy with our results!

In computing, we are learning how to create and edit videos, using different camera angles. Some pupils made some anti-bulling videos, we hope you enjoy them!

Anti-bullying video 2

Anti-bullying video 3


St Cleer Primary Academy   Spellings WB 4.7.22

Posted 04/07/2022
by Sophie Birch

Adding the suffix -ous (words ending in 'e' drop the 'e' but not 'ge')



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